Sep 24 2013

Smiles and Thumbs Up from the Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society Fall Country Fair

The Black Beast generated many smiles and thumbs ups at the Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society Fall Country Fair last Saturday in Port Washington.


Howard Kroplick

Update 9/27/2013: Photos from the Cow Neck Peninsula Society

Smiles and Thumbs Ups

Town Clerk Leslie Gross dressed for the fair.

HowardKroplick's 2013 Cow Neck Peninsula Historical album on Photobucket


Sep 27 2013 Howard Kroplick 6:07 PM

From Stephanie Hall:

Dear Howard,

If I was to pick the “star” of the Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society Fall Fair, She would be sleek and black and have the name “Bête Noir” emblazoned on her side!

How can we ever thank you enough!! Your wonderful “Black Beast” was such a hit!  Every time I looked up I saw a trail of kids getting their pictures taken Behind the wheel and when you fired her up….. INCREDIBLE!  She was like a movie star, followed around by flashing cameras and local paparazzi.

There was a terrific follow-up article in yesterday’s Port News… while I was hoping the full picture of her would be printed, I have to admit the attached picture of a baby propped behind her wheel is so wonderful!  I am attaching a few extra pictures (and may forward additional in a separate email…)

It is so hard for non-profit organizations these days.  We compete with each other and the economy for diminished discretionary funds from families that are sometimes struggling.  Your “Black Beast” and her “star power” was a draw to our fair that made a huge difference to our “bottom line”.

THANK YOU! Really, thank you so much from us all!

All the best and thank you again,

Stephanie Hall
Media and Publicty
Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society

Sep 27 2013 Howard Kroplick 6:48 PM

From Chris Bain:

Having you and the Black Beast at the fair was my favorite part of the day…. especially the RIDES and whenever you fired up the engine… Wow!

Thanks a million!


Chris Bain, President
Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society

Oct 02 2013 Tom 12:16 PM

Always nice to see everybody getting in the Black Beast and letting their imagine run!

Oct 03 2013 Ted 6:26 PM

You certainly made a big hit at this show,especially giving those rides.and amazing all the adults about The Beast,when they did take the ride of their lives,something that they would never expect

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