Oct 02 2009

Great Neck Plaza Promotes Next Week’s Autofest/Festival

Hats off to Great Neck Plaza for their strong promotion of next Sunday's AutoFest Festival as shown by this banner across Middle Neck Road.


A close-up of the banner reveals the "Black Beast" as the featured show car among the 100 classic cars that will participate in the autofest.


Details of this fun event can be found in this ad in local papers.Hope to see you there!


Oct 04 2009 John Hotetz 9:53 AM

October 11th 2009 Will be going down in the history books, when Great Neck Autofest and Street Festival will be hosting the “Black Beast”. I am looking forward in meeting the owner, and to actually see automotive history on that day. I will be showing my 1966 burgundy Pontiac GTO, there as well. looking forward for a great day. Hope to see you all, and DON’T FORGET THE CAMERAS! 
          Thank you John Hotetz

Oct 08 2009 Howard Kroplick 3:40 PM

Hi John:

I will be checking out your “little GTO’ on Sunday. The weather forecast is looking good!!


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