Nov 01 2008

City Takes Action To Protect LIMP Greenway

On October 14, 2008, Fox 5-TV of New York continued their investigation of Queens home owners infringing of the Long Island Motor Parkway greenway in Oakland Gardens.

In an exclusive interview, resident Lynn Henry commented: "We were running on the Motor Parkway when we saw John Deutzman from Channel 5 news. He was there to followup on his July report. Letters had been sent out to the residents about their property lines and that their fences/equipment needed to be removed without 30 days or the city would remove it and charge them for it. There were three home owners who were having their fences taken down that day and he interviewed two of them plus tried to interview people who haven't complied and refused to talk. He also interviewed me. "

Thanks, Lynn for the report!


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