Jun 27 2009

Film “The Levittown Vanderbilt Cup Race Grandstand”

Mush, I have several hundred photos of the races that went throught the heart of the Hempstead Plains, now Levittown, from 1908 to 1910. I will be more than happy to send you copies of some of my favorites.

With the opening of the Long Island Motor Parkway in October 1908, a grandstand for 5,000 spectators was built in a location that is now north of Orchid Road and west of Crocus Lane in Levittown. Much of the Levittown race action occurred in this area. This brief film documents racing scenes near the grandstand and concludes with current views of remnants of the Motor Parkway.


Jun 28 2009 Art 6:40 PM

Thanks for the Levittown clip, Howard.  As a Levittown resident, I’m keenly aware of the Grandstand area and go back every once in a while to keep tabs on what’s happening there.  Over the last few months I’ve found out that the developer that has been looking to put homes on the site for the last 20 years or so is at it again.  They would like to erect 4 homes on the Crocus Lane side of the grandstand area - I have friend who is a Town of Hempstead Councilman keeping tabs on it for me, and I hope to be notified when any zoning hearings are held.  Levittown has some special regulations that have to be approved before building (so as to keep the flavor of the suburbs), even outside of the Town regulations, so hopefully any development, even only 4 homes, will be blocked. 

This was taken from the Levittown Tribute back in Feb. ‘09:

“President Morrow also read a letter from attorney William Cohn, representing the Josato Company (formerly Terra Homes), asking the LPOA to arrange a special meeting at the Levittown Library with residents adjacent to the section of the Old Vanderbilt Motor Parkway near Crocus Lane to discuss the company’s new plans for building four houses on the property. All require variances for insufficient lot width. The company has unsuccessfully submitted various plans since 1984. The LPOA voted unanimously against this latest proposal at its Oct. 14, 2008 meeting. In this instance, as in the past, the variances again conflict with the standards set forth in Levittown’s unique zoning law, the “LPRD” (Levittown Planned Residence District). President Morrow advised that the LPOA would ask the library for this accommodation.”

Jun 28 2009 Howard Kroplick 9:00 PM


Thanks for the information. The residents who live on this strip oppose any development. Last year, I made a presentation to the Nassau County Planning Commission and strongly recommended that this area would make a perfect historical greenway park.



May 05 2012 Mike 12:33 PM

The developer josato ( terra homes) is at it again . We need to stop this . We need to keep some history in this town . I live on orchid rd and heron . I love the little open space that is left . There is a meeting on this on tue may 8th @ 1washington st Hempstead [email protected] for more info on this please go to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or [email protected] gmail.com . Any help would be great   Thanks mike:-(((

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