Jan 21 2011

Life Magazine Automobile Cartoon Series #2:  1903 to 1928

From 1883 to 1936, Life was a humor and general interest magazine of drawings capturing the American scene. As a major phenomenon in the early 1900s, the automobile came in for its fair share of Life's fun, satire and sentiment. This portfolio of seven cartoons from 1903 to 1928 noted; the replacement of the horse with the automobile, car envy, traffic jams and, even, drinking under the influence (DUI):



Caption: "Now, old chap you'll have a chance to enjoy the sweet odors emitted by your own machines."



Caption: "THE HORSE in 1951"



Caption: "The charge of the joy-riders' brigade...... I wish we had one of those."



Caption: "Mother: Willie, as soon as your father comes from church I shall tell him how you have spent the Sabbath."



Caption: "D'ya know, Hen- I believe the automobile has come to stay."



Caption: "Oh, Mother! Look! Horses!"


Caption: "THE GIRL: It wasn't his fault, Officer- he's drunk!"

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Feb 20 2011 John Dinkel 4:01 PM

The horse in 1951.  Carroll Shelby breeds horses like this.  But it’s interesting that the cartoonist didn’t have a “vision” of what the car like look like 40 years later.  40 years from now will we all have miniature cars on an RC leash.  lol

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