Dec 12 2008

Was This Building The Prototype for the LIMP Toll Lodges?

The first six toll lodges for the Long Island Motor Parkway were designed by the prominent architect John Russell Pope from 1908 to 1911. Prior to receiving this commssion from William K. Vanderbilt, Jr., Pope worked on various Long Island estates and properties including the gatehouse for Willie K's Deepdale estate.

One of Pope's most important early commission's was the William L. Stow Residence in Old Westbury designed from 1900 to 1903. The estate was "designed in the manner of an Italian Renaissance villa withe the eclectic additiona of French-influenced details." The estate residence, later owned by the Phipps family, is no longer standing but several of the estate buidlings remain including the stable house shown above.

How does this relate to the Long Island Motor Parkway? Click here to view a pdf and compare the stable house and the Massapequa Toll Lodge as seen in 1909. The similaries in design are obvious including the slope of the roof. Is it possible that this stable house designed by John Russell Pope between 1900 to 1903 was the prototype design for the Long Island Motor Parkway toll lodges? Any comments?

Massapequa Lodge, Plainedge


Sep 02 2018 Lillian Jones 4:36 PM

Great observation!

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