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VanderbiltCupRaces.com Forum #17 -Saturday, July 2, 2011 (Events & Recent Comments)

Feedback and sharing of information are much appreciated on VanderbiltCupRaces.com. Today's Forum provides information on this weekend's car shows and recent comments:

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Hempstead Plains Region of AACA Car Show, Lynbrook, Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cutchogue Lions Club Classic Car Show, Matituck, Sunday, July 3, 2011

New York Autofest At Castle Gould, Sands Point, Sunday, July 3, 2011

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Recent Comments

2011 Indy 500 Pre-Race Ceremony Highlights: A Century of Technology


Art: "Howard, you looked very natural along side Mario and the others. Great trip and thanks for the photos and videos. I'm sure you'll remember this day forever. "

In the Indy Formula One Garage and On the Track: The Marmon Wasp that Won the 1911 Indy 500

Chris Osborne: "Howard, this is wonderful! I just finished a painting for the 2011 Dayton Ohio Concours poster, in the painting is the #32 Marmom Wasp with Ray Harroun. Also a 1911 Cadillac with Charles Kettering and Edward Deeds, Daton residents who invented the electric ignition (tested in a 1911 Cadillac). The theme of the poster is a celebration of these events 100 years ago. I will send you a photo."

Newsday: “Vintage race cars celebrated at Indy 500”


Rick A. Jorgensen, Editor & Founder of GEAA: "Congrats Howard! The “Beast” deserved this after the unfortunate problems back in 1911. This time the ALCO came in ahead of the “Marmon Wasp”. You will be getting the centerfold of the GEAA Gazette this coming month."

The Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society


Greg: "Howard- Can't believe I'm so late to the party on this! Shame on me for only checking in today after the great news about the newly approved LIMP trail today! Congrats on the news about the new trail, and congrats on all the Indy celebrations! PLEASE enroll me in the LIMP-PS-ASAP! What ever I can do to help would be a pleasure!...And... on an unrelated matter; The last time I spoke with you at the Cradle of Aviation exhibition last year, we were talking about Mackay's Horse Tamer...hope that restoration is going well!"

Gerry C: "I am a Greeter/Museum Guide at the Vanderbilt Musuem in Centerport. One of my duties is to show visitors the Long Island Motor Parkway and Vanderbilt Cup Auto Race exhibits Howard Kroplick put together for the Museum. I have become a LIMP and Vanderbilt Cup buff as a result. Please let me know what I can do to advance the cause of preserving the LIMP."

Newsday Article: “Moses exhibit shows builder’s ups, downs’

Fred Hadley: "Finally, the man who made Long Island gets the recognition he deserves. Check ou my video, "Robert Moses, Long Island's Master Builder," on YouTube:"

The Last Intact Motor Parkway Bridge in Suffolk County Reportedly Destroyed


Art: "Not good news of course. Maybe that's why I was met with somewhat of an abrupt response when I inquired about the bridge to the sandpit company a month or two ago. Hopefully our efforts will result in better results going forward. Is there any way to be forewarned when this type of destruction is going to take place on other remaining bridges, posts, roadway, etc.?"

The Garages of the Vanderbilt Cup Races


Shannon McDonald: "Thank you so much for this information Howard! You won this time - congratulations."

A Tribute to Peter Helck (1893-1988), the Great American Artist


Bill Call: "I've long admired Mr Helck's work, first shown to me by my grandfather in the 1940's. His painting of the old race cars especialy caught my eye, and I could pick them out in many areas. One question has been on my mind for years--I grew up in Columbia County NY, and met a delightful kid at the Taconic state park swimming area. Her name was Bernice and I was told by someone that she was Peter's granddaughter. We had fun in those short times and I have thought of those days often. Could I have been wrong or does such a person really exist?"

A Request for Information on a Historic Indy Christie from Barney Oldfield’s Great-Great -Nephew


Jeff Wendling: "Does anyone know if Barney Oldfield had a riding mechanic when he broke the 100 mph record at IMS and, if so, who it was? I've been told it was my late grandfather Eugene Taylor."

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