Mar 08 2012

Rare Images of the Auto Union Practice Runs for the 1937 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Martin Schröder, an automotive historian on Auto Union Grand Prix racing, has forwarded these rare images of the two Auto Union Type-C racers that competed in the 1937 Vanderbilt Cup Race.


Howard Kroplick

Ernst von Delius in his #9 Auto Union. In 1937 the swastika was rarely seen on Auto Unions at Grand Prix races. A look into the cockpit of Delius' car, note red area starting at 4.500 rpm with 5.000 maximum. Plugs being changed on Delius' car. Preparing for the start of practice, head of Auto Union design Eberan von Eberhorst on the left. Delius ready for his run. Bernd Rosemeyer posing next to his car. Rosemeyer discussing the practice with race manager Feuereissen and von Eberhorst. Rosemeyer being push started.

Thanks Martin for the great photos!

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