Jul 26 2017

Profile Series: Tucker 1002 “Goldie”

In the third of our profile series on the 51 Tuckers, the "Goldie" Tucker is featured, the second pilot production Tucker '48 built.


Howard Kroplick

Tucker '48 #1002 - "Goldie"

Original Color: Waltz Blue/200
Current Color: Gold


  • July 1948: Sold to Tucker Arkansas Sales Corporation.
  • Fall 1948: Sent back to Tucker factory to receive updates. Disassembled and scheduled for rebuild when the factory closed.
  • 1950: Body, suspension and loose parts sold to former Tucker franchise holder Ezra Schlipf, Metamora, Illinois
  • November 1951: Sold to Russell Brownell and assembled with a 335 ALV Franklin engine and a Cord 812 transmission. Pinted metallic gold in 1952.
  • 1969: Sold to restorer Bill Hamlin, Ontario, California.
  • January 15, 1998: Sold for $241,500 at Barrett Jackson

Current Owner: Not Disclosed

Current Ownership Type: Private

Location: California
Website: None

Profile and Images (Tucker Automobile Club of America)

Engine: Franklin 0-335, 6-cylinder horizontally opposed, 334 cubic inch, 166 HP
Transmission: Cord 810/812 transmission

Notes/Distinguishing Features:

  • Gold color
  • License plate: PFV 560
  • Seatbelts

Car Classics October 1972

Owned by Bill Hamlin in 1972.

Images of Tucker '48 #1002

Tucker 1002 "Goldie" Drive Around (August 2014)

RM Auction Catalog Listing March 2003

Tucker '48 #1002 did not sell at this RM Auction.


Jul 29 2017 S. Berliner, III 11:03 PM

Never liked the Tucker (still don’t) but it is absolutely amazing how such a limited-production car has survived in near-entirety and with such fantastic documentation.  I’m enjoying this series in spite of myself and thank you , Howard, for your continued efforts.  Sam, III

Jul 30 2017 Walt Gosden 10:59 AM

Bill Hamlin was a great guy, lived in Ontario, Ca. was an aerospace engineer if I recall. He had a really nice 32 Franklin Airman sedan as well. We had a lot of communications via mail when he was alive. He told me if I came out for a visit he would take me for a ride in one of his Tuckers (he had two) at the Ontario Speedway where he knew the owners. Promised me a 100 mph ride and said he had his Tuckers at that speed on that raceway many times. He wanted to buy one new but couldn’t find one to buy anyplace when they went on sale so finally bought one from someone in 1952. Bill was an amazing mechanic and also owned a 1939 Graham sharknose Combination coupe that was profiled in one of the first issues of Special Interest Autos magazine (now Hemmings Classic Car) Bill also created a 1935 Franklin Olympic coupe - Franklin stopped production in 1934, but used the Reo/Hayes car of the era for everything but the engine in 1932-34 Franklin Olympic models . So Bill took a 1935 Reo Royale coupe, fitted a 1932 Franklin engine, fabricated a manifold to fit two carburetors, put in a Columbia overdrive, but left the exterior totally stock original. He said he used to take it out and kids in hot rods would pull up next to him thinking here is an old man in an old used up car. He motioned for them to race when the traffic light turned green and always blew their doors off and won the race. The combination of the dual carbs on a well reworked engine and Columbia overdrive made that one very fast car. It still exists in the upper midwest.

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