Aug 20 2011

1912 Vanderbilt Cup Race Pennant Sets New Ebay Record

The stock market may be going down, but the market for Vanderbilia appears to be heading up. Last week a 1912 Vanderbilt Cup Race pennant from the Milwaukee race sold for $5,209. This was a record Ebay price for any Vanderbilt Cup Race memorabilia.


A total of 20 bids were made for the pennant with two bidders offering over $5,000. This was the Ebay description:

Lucky find in a hidden compartment of a steamer trunk that was filled with other items from the same time period - this auction is for a felt pennant from the 1912 Vanderbilt cup race that was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Considering its age, this item is in fantastic condition. Please see all photos to get a better idea of the quality. The manufactures tag is still located on the back of the pennant with the following information:

Henry Schwartz

badges, souvenirs, college and fraternal pennants

15 Ann Street, New York

As we understand it, this is a very rare item and considering the date, almost 100 years old. Pennant size is approximately 26" long x 10" wide (at widest point).

Come See and Hear the Black Beast Roar Today at the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum


The Black Beast returns to the Vanderbilt Museum participating in Sunday's Vanderbilt Cup Region A.A.C.A. Car Show. Look forward to seeing you there!

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