Jun 30 2018

Updated: On the Road to Pebble: Tucker 1948 License Plate 44 Finds Tucker 1044

Thanks to the persistent efforts of Koby V., this 1948 Tucker license plate will be on the Tucker 1044 at the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

Rob Ida, Mike and Sean Tucker have posted these recent Tucker 1044 photos on Facebook.


Howard Kroplick

July 1, 2018

Rob Ida: That Tucker Adante Green is hard to beat! I’m super proud of Russ and Artie for the bodywork and paint on Tucker 44. Lots of long days of block sanding finally lead to great results. We still have a lot to do in a short amount of time but with a team like this anything is possible.

July 1, 2018

Rob Ida: When 5:00 AM Sunday morning is your best advantage for good results due to high temperatures and humidity, you take advantage and get it done! Russ, @hellcat138 worked hard on booth set up and earned the honors to lay down the Adante Green on Tucker 44. Spies Hecker Base coat by @axaltarefinish and bodywork materials by @wurth_usa

June 30, 2018

Rob Ida: Another productive day with Artie, Russ Montelbano, Sean and Mike Tucker of Tucker 44.

June 28, 29018

Rob Ida: Some assembly required! Tucker #44.

June 26, 2018

Rob Ida: Getting the Andante Green on Tucker 44! All the spot welds, stamping marks, ripples and number stamps are Tucker correct.


Jul 01 2018 LMK 9:36 AM

It’s in the works….Isn’t this an exciting hobby…. !

Jul 01 2018 frank femenias 11:10 AM

Where in the world was this found? I wouldn’t know where to begin

Jul 01 2018 Roger A Price 1:53 PM

Your Tucker seems to be coming along nicely.  Love the color.  The second photo looks like a jigsaw puzzle.  I hope someone knows how to put it back together.  Just a little humor.  (very little).
Howard Kroplick

Rog, this is an original 1948 Tucker license plate that was sold two years ago on EBay. Amazingly, Koby, a fellow Motor Parkway license collector, discovered that his friend had one of the Tucker 44 plates.

Koby contacted me via this website.It took three months, but a deal was finally made last week. The plate is now on my desk and soon will be on Tucker 1044!

Jul 01 2018 S. Berliner, III 2:59 PM

Clearly NOT Roger price, the famed comedian, who died in 1990 (and CERTAINLY not Vincent Price).  Oh, ye of little faith; of course Rob knows (he’d better!).  Howard, I second Frank F.; please do tell how it came to be in your hands - or is it a repro?  It looks too good to be true.  Very odd proportions, too; wouldn’t fit on any car or bracket I’ve ever owned.  Sam, III

Jul 01 2018 Howard Kroplick 4:03 PM

New photo of Tucker 1044 in Andante Green!

Jul 01 2018 Jeff levin 9:19 PM

Thanks for the update. Color looks very nice. As for the license plate, it’s the little touches that make the car great. Can’t wait to see the interior and of course the completed car. Keep the updates coming. Good luck!

Jul 02 2018 Mike Cain 1:58 PM

Looks great Howard! Green is my favorite color and it looks fantastic.
Happy to hear that you got that license plate. What a find!

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