Aug 03 2019

Old 16 Locomobile on Display at the Audrain Automobile Museum in Newport, Rhode Island

In a rare venture out of the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, Old 16 is currently on display at the Audrain Automobile Museum in Newport. I am proud to have contributed to this special exhibit with 17 Vanderbilia items from my collection.


Howard Kroplick

Old 16 Locomobile Up-Close

Selden Patent plaque

Locomobile plaque

Vanderbilia on Exhibit (From the Howard Kroplick Collection)

A reproduction of the 1908 poster for the Vanderbilt Cup Race.

A display case filled with my Vanderbilia.

The Locomobile Vanderbilt Cup Race radiator mascots and paperweight.

The 1908 Program.

The Locomobile 1942 Bill of Sale (Courtesy of the Helck Family Collection)

No. 1 Pale Oil "reportedly" used in Old 16. I have no idea where I purchased this item.

A Locomobile Old 16 spoon

An invitation and ticket to the Locomobile  November 1908 banquet in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

An Old 16 bronze sculpture "The Checkered Flag" by Alexander Buchan.


Aug 04 2019 Raymond 6:01 AM

Hi Howard
Thanks for the info on No.16. As always your very precise.
How long is the exhibit on for?


Howard Kroplick

This exhibit and an amazing display of GM concept cars will run through October,

Aug 04 2019 Steven Vilardi 8:42 AM

Excellent photo reportage on “Old 16”

Aug 04 2019 Peter Shriver 8:59 AM

Howard, thank you! Planning to take my kids to see the exhibit.

Howard Kroplick

Peter, well worth the trip to historic Newport. This is the closest most people will ever get to see Old 16!

Aug 04 2019 Brian D McCarthy 7:34 PM

Very cool! I probably the only here who thinks the pail oil is neat,glass flask & cork.

Aug 04 2019 S. Berliner, III 8:31 PM

Never heard of Audrain before; it’s quite incredible and only an hour-and-a-half south of me so off I go!  While I’m at it, though, I commend to you all the Collings Foundation / American Heritage Museum in Hudson, MA, some 30 miles west of Boston; they have a small but fab car collection (plus military and aircraft).  Thanks yet again, Howard.  Sam, III

Aug 05 2019 mark schaier 4:26 AM

Howard, saw this on your newsletter Sun. morning at 4 AM, checked the Audrain website, impressive. Except for a vague mention of a place in R.I. from a neighbor, the auto maven never heard of this place? After breakfast, bee line up to Newport. Nice size building but inside very modest first floor exhibition area, second floor, offices. Nice wall display including in the VCR area, I briefly acting as a guide with this VCR thing with some other visitors, knowing more than the official guides, how wonderful your free website, and your life, “take out cellphone camera and take a snapshot of this VCR business card with Black Beast. Worth the stop by only if spending quality time in beautiful Newport.

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