Jun 16 2018

Off-Topic: My Day at the U.S. Open at the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Just arrived home from a memorable, beautiful day at the U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills. Here are my favorite photos.

Enjoy Father's Day,

Howard Kroplick

The historic Shinnecock Hills Clubhouse, the oldest golf clubhouse in the United States (1892).

Gary Woodland (left) and Steve Stricker (right)

Phil Mickelson

Justin Rose (left) and Henrik Stenson (right)

Tommy Fleetwood- It was amazing how close I was to the action!

Charley Hoffman

Matthew Fitzpatrick

Marc Leishman

Co-Leader Dustin Johnson


Jun 17 2018 Earl Gandel 2:51 AM

Thanks!  It is beautiful, and it’s made me homesick. (We live in CA now.) We’ve used the clubhouse as a checkpoint on the Bridgehampton Rally a couple of times. Car racing, golf and beaches are the specialties of the area.

Jun 17 2018 Walt Gosden 8:59 AM

I was at the Shinnecock Hills Golf Course only once, but it wasn’t for a golf game or to view one. It was for a fund raising dinner for ARF. ARF is the Animal Relief Fund, and was a favored charity of Charles Addams and his wife. The well know cartoonist and humorist and his wife suggested an automotive display during a fund raising dinner as Charles was a collector of pre war European automobiles, and could provide a few cars and knew he could make a call to get a few more for people to view. He invited Austin Clark , who was a close friend to attend and bring a car and Austin called me up and said he told Charles “I have a friend who will bring a car too” and that was me. I drove out with a gal I worked with as my guest in my 1941 Packard woody station wagon . We took the LIE and then headed south to go to meet Austin at his L. I. Auto Museum that was just east of the golf course by about a mile or more. The Packard had a factory overdrive unit so it was 75+ mph on the LIE.
Once at the museum Austin was a bit upset because the 1912 (?) Packard model 18 Town car he wanted to take to the event didn’t run, battery didn’t charge correctly or was totally beyond charging up, anyway what happened was that my friend/guest drove the 41 Packard and Austin got in his wife’s new Toyota and put a rope from the back of her car to the front axle of the Packard town car and said “this will get us there and back, mind/use the hand brake to stop”. So off we were , me now behind the wheel of the brass era Packard which was behind the Toyota and behind me was the 41 Packard woody as a sweep car. All of this being done at dusk. (if you are now rolling your eyes as you are reading this questioning our sanity, this is the kind of stuff we used to do and not get arrested for) It was an uneventful trip/tow to the golf course but Austin cut the right turn into the golf course driveway a bit close and I had to do some really quick thinking and turning not to see the car I was in flip on its side as we went down into the soft shoulder a bit (well more then a bit) as we turned in. Being a good driver I used my hand and signaled that we were turning in , later to be told by the gal who was driving my 1941Packard behind me - “were you $%#@$ nuts to take one hand off the steering wheel to tell that you were turning? ” I just shrugged and smiled.  We had a wonderful dinner and evening and the ARF made a considerable amount of money for their on going efforts . There were some other cars present there when we arrived on display, but all were about a decade or less old at the time , the sole exception was Charles Addams Bugatti and Aston Martin which where there as well . Charles was very pleased that I took the time to drive my 1941 Packard woody there (it was a 70+ mile trip one way) and I told him and his wife that it was my pleasure and that I liked and admired their efforts and most of all the puppies they were rescuing. We towed the Packard town car back to the museum after midnight and I then drove the 41 Packard back home and dropped my friend off on the way at her home. I recall that evening with great fondness , and yes I still like puppies and Packards.

Jun 17 2018 JF Purcell 9:37 AM

Thanks for your photos of Shinnecock!  A real treat.

Jun 18 2018 Richard G Krause 11:53 AM

As residents of Shelter Island, we use the “back roads’to go through South Hampton, which also, go right thru the Country club , whenever we go “UP ISLAND”:  (as the natives always say! )  The next big golf outing will be @ Bethpage State golf course!  The infamous black course!  My Dad a good golfer always played the Black course!  And I got to be his caddie….So happy you had a good time at this golf outing!

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