Jul 30 2019

Newsday: Ready for HIS STORY

Khristopher J. Brooks has written a wonderful article in today's Newsday concerning my decision to leave my town historian position. He notes " Kroplick will remain president of the Long Island Preservation Society and the Roslyn Landmark Society."


Howard Kroplick

Ready for HIS STORY

By Khristopher J. Brooks [email protected]
Newsday Updated July 29, 2019 6:00 AM

Howard Kroplick has spent the past seven years raising millions of dollars to restore landmarks and place historical markers across North Hempstead Town.
Now he says he needs to spend more time leaving his mark on his personal life.

Kroplick, who has been town historian since 2012, resigned this month from the volunteer position, and the town is seeking a replacement. Kroplick said his recent birthday spurred thoughts of his next chapter, noting that he turned 70 in May.

At that age, you start wondering, "Where you want to spend the next decade of your life," said Kroplick, who lives in East Hills.

"I need to spend a little more time focusing on my wife, my family and myself," he said.

A few days after announcing his departure, Kroplick flew to Los Angeles with his wife, Roz, to help their daughter Dana unpack after moving into a new apartment.
"Two months ago, my wife would have gone by herself," Kroplick said.

Roz Kroplick said her husband will now have a better work-life balance.

"He will be more present, and he can give more of himself to me, to us, to the kids, and he can also have time for himself," she said. "Like, we share Mets [season] tickets with two friends, and now he'll be able to go more."

Kroplick was appointed by then-Supervisor Jon Kaiman to replace Joan Kent.

Kroplick said two highlights from his time as historian are relocating the Mackay Horse Statue in 2013 and receiving the Edmund J. Winslow Local Government Historian Award for Excellence in 2016 from the Association of Public Historians of New York State. He said the property owners where the statue once stood had planned to get rid of it.

"There was a chance it was going to be torn down, but we convinced him to donate it to the town and we raised funds to take it and have it restored and moved to Gerry Park," Kroplick said. "Every time I pass that statue, I have a smile on my face."

Supervisor Judi Bosworth said that Kroplick brought a contagious joy and enthusiasm to his work and that he will be missed.

"He tackles any and all historical projects like an explorer revealing a hidden treasure," Bosworth said. "He has educated us on our local history and the people who have lived here before us, which is a wonderful and meaningful gift."

Kroplick will remain president of the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society and the Roslyn Landmark Society.

Bosworth said the town is looking for a successor who has an extensive knowledge of North Hempstead Town combined with a curiosity and love of history.

Kroplick's advice for his replacement: Gain support from town officials, especially the supervisor, town clerk and council members, "because those are the people who can get things done."
"The historian job is a bully pulpit to talk about restoring historical sites, but it doesn't have a lot of power in terms of getting things through," Kroplick said. "You have to work well with others."

The acheivements
• Howard Kroplick chaired a committee that oversaw the relocation of the Mackay Horse Statue to Roslyn's Gerry Pond Park in October 2013.
• Under Kroplick, the town placed a historical marker in Roslyn Harbor at Cedarmere, the home of William Cullen Bryant, in February 2013.
• He helped secure a $40,000 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency that was used to clean up Townsend Cemetery in East Hills in May 2014.
• Under Kroplick, the North Hempstead Town Council approved designating Old Courthouse Road Motor Parkway Bridge as the town's 18th landmark, in June 2015.
• Kroplick landed a $25,000 grant from North Hempstead Town and used it to restore the Hicks Memorial Centre bridge and seating area that honors ASPCA founder Henry Bergh at Roslyn's Gerry Pond Park in November 2016.
• He oversaw the installation of a historical marker at Monfort Cemetery in Port Washington in May 2018.
• Kroplick landed a $500,000 grant from the New York State Office of Parks and Historic Preservation in December 2018 to help restore the Roslyn Grist Mill.

Photos by Anthony J. Causi


Jul 30 2019 Howard Kroplick 11:02 PM

Meredith Jaffe
Great article!

Steve Zautke

Sharon Mandel
Such great achievements. You will be greatly missed.

Lisbeth Licht Wolgel
Congratulations on a job well done!!! Thank you so much for all the hard work you did!!! Now it’s time to enjoy the next chapter with Roz and your beautiful family!!!

Alan Sadwin
You will be hard to replace

Thomas Auriemma
Well done

Robert Jones
A Very Impressive Tenure if you will, congratulations Howard on any and All future endeavors… Excellent Article, Best of Luck

Donald M. Smith
Enjoy your retirement now

Meredith Rubin Slawe
Your work for the public good is inspiring, Howard Kroplick!

Lois Ellen
Great article!! So proud of u Howie! You r an inspiration to all of us!

Sal Grenci
Thank you for all the things you have done for your town.

Al Prete
Great article, great achievements. Enjoy everything else that’s going on in your life.

Jocelyn Wenk
Howard, you are remarkable! A treasure!!!

Zoe Prince
What a tribute!

Jimmy Adames
You are and always will be an AWESOME individual Howard Kroplick

Jul 30 2019 Howard Kroplick 11:03 PM

Thanks everyone for the kind words and good wishes. Much appreciated!

Jul 31 2019 Peter Shriver 8:02 AM

Congratulations! Job done great!

Jul 31 2019 Dave Russo 11:57 AM

Congrats Howard! You do amazing work and I know you will stay into the LI history scene.

Let me give you some advice though, as you will now have more free time: I agree with everything the article says about time with family, friends, etc….but LEAVE THE METS!!! You will be a much happier person not having to deal with their same old sales pitch every year only to find then out of it by the all star break. I’m done until the Wilpons sell the team. I am now an official LI Ducks fan. For $12 you are in the front row watching great baseball and you can actually park for free and afford a drink! And Wally Bachman is the manager! You remember him from 33 years ago right? The last time the Mets were good!!


I have been a Long-Suffering Mets fan since going to the Polo Grounds in 1963 for my first Met game! There is no relief in site. Enjoy, Howard

Jul 31 2019 Dave Russo 3:51 PM

Here’s the analogy I present to people like you:

Let’s say you grew up and your family had a pizzeria they loved and had been going to for years. Then the pizzeria gets sold and new owners come in. They proceed to start using cheaper cheese, and look for deals on sauce and crust. And the pizza gets worse. Then they might find good cheese, and use it for a bit but then they try to make better / cheaper deals with the cheese company, and it’s declined and the go back to the cheap nasty cheese which translates into disgusting pizza / baseball!

How long do you stick with the terrible food just because of past history??? The best thing we can do is to NEVER go to their games, make the Wilpons suffer financially because that is the ONLY thing that they care about. Then when they are gone we have the possibility of being GOOD AGAIN!

Jul 31 2019 Howard Kroplick 8:15 PM

Susan Bender
Such a wonderful article! Your achievements are amazing.

Kevin Dursun
Great article Thank you for all you’ve done.all the best Howard

Gina Bennicasa
Wow! Howard! Amazing accomplishments! Such a great article! You are a man who can move mountains!

Michael Mrak
Howard, I’m sure the town hates to see you go, but it sounds like a great move. Enjoy.

Joan Spivak
Good work Howard. Enjoy your “retirement”

Jul 31 2019 Howard Kroplick 10:18 PM

Deborah C.
Clearly a valuable contribution was made by Howard Kroplick and one that will be missed.  I wonder what’s next for that whirling dervish dynamo!

Jul 31 2019 Howard Kroplick 10:21 PM

Mike C.

Hi Howard.  Although you announced your retirement as the North Hempstead Town Historian several weeks ago on your website it was really nice to see you get the deserved recognition with the article today in Newsday.  However glad to see that you will still be on the Roslyn Landmark Society and be able to continue to oversee the restoration of the Roslyn Grist Mill.  I grew up in Sea Cliff and as a neighboring town I spent a lot of time in Roslyn and the Grist Mill was a part of my memories of those great years.

Jul 31 2019 Howard Kroplick 10:23 PM

Ron T

I’m guessing that most of those reading the Newsday article have no idea what else you are involved in, though the article does mention it.  .  But hopefully they do appreciate all the effort you put into that post!

Aug 01 2019 Howard Kroplick 8:33 AM

Deb Correnti

Howard, you will never know the hugely spectacular impact that you have made on so many, many people over your years. I send you a long overdue THANK YOU!

Aug 01 2019 Howard Kroplick 8:40 AM

Dolores B.

Congratulations on your retirement! I’m sure your family will be so happy to have your presence.  However, you’ll be missed by the Town; I don’t know if they can find someone with your energy.

Aug 04 2019 Tom Montalbano 6:56 AM

Congratulations, Howard.  As a local historian myself, I was instantly motivated by your energy when I first met you a few years back.  However, I also understand the importance of balancing history-chasing with family life, and I applaud you for making this tough decision while you are still at the top of your game.  Good luck!

Aug 04 2019 Phil Kneer 7:54 AM

Thank you and congratulations on your well deserved retirement.
Hopefully you will continue your Sunday morning blog , really anticipate your Motor Parkway articles.  Respectability, Phil

Aug 04 2019 LMK 10:01 AM

You made a difference… Now you decided to change course a little and focus on the next area to ‘make a difference’ in ....Well done Howard.

Aug 04 2019 Howard Kroplick 10:27 AM

Carol Burton Fishman
Great article! Enjoy the next chapter!!

Christian Battestin
What’s next?

David Black
Come back…come back….come back!

Pia Williams
Howard, you are inspiring. Loved working with you and am so happy you have had an opportunity to continue doing the things you love. Say hi to Roz

Aug 05 2019 Howard Kroplick 9:56 AM

Lauren Lester
Amazing work!!

Bruce Adams
Great to see your many accomplishments as Town Historian were recognized and appreciated.

Andy Fuhrman
Well done Howard! Every community should have someone like you!

Saw the Newsday article   Thanx for the time you gave the town

Aug 05 2019 Howard Kroplick 10:19 PM

Alice Kasten
Howard - Just read the Newsday article about your “retirement”. It’s a very sad day for the Town - they will surely miss you! I cannot imagine your being any less busy! Best of luck - Alice (who had to move to Connecticut to retire)

Feb 09 2020 CliffG 2:16 PM

Howard: Congratulations on retirement from your second assigned career.  Best or luck in your new task to complete the restoration of the Roslyn Grist Mill yet another project of pride for you, and the people of Roslyn to have pride in.

Feb 23 2020 Peter Stephens 12:48 PM

    Thank you Howard for the memories. I spent the 50s along the Old Motor Parkway between LIJ Hospital and Hillside Avenue and Wheatley Hills Golf Course. We had a high swing near the Motor Parkway where Herricks High School is today. We called the woods, ” Bloody Hollow.” In the fullness of time I have learned that there are several “Bloody Hollows” on Long Island.

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