Nov 08 2019

Mystery Saturday Auto #1: A Very Early Automobile

Alene Scoblete, archivist & local history librarian for the Rockville Centre Public Library needs your help to identify this vehicle. The location is unknown.


Howard Kroplick



Nov 09 2019 A. Bos 5:17 AM

The car is a 1903 or 1904 20hp Winton. It is not a truck however, but has the standard tonneau body. The body is concealed partly by the basket on the side of the car (a regular accessory), partly because of the photo cut-off. Attached a few examples of similar models.

Howard Kroplick

Thanks Ariejan!

image image image
Nov 09 2019 Casey DeNicola 11:36 AM

I’m guessing the car could be early 1900’s Cadillac or Packard,but is more likely a Winton.No clue as to the location,Mineola bike store??? LOL

Nov 09 2019 Alene Scoblete 1:23 PM

Thank you very much! I have sent this page to the patron who was looking to identify the vehicle.

Nov 09 2019 Brian D McCarthy 5:43 PM

The title above the doorway is ‘Adsit & Ward’. I didn’t have any luck searching both surnames together. I did find Ads for ‘A.L. Adsit Hewlett, Hewlett Garage’. Advertisement for tires and gasoline. No specific address unfortunately, I’ll keep looking. Ads below.

image image
Nov 09 2019 Gary Hammond 10:26 PM

Based on Brian’s results I discovered in the 1910 Census for Hewlett, Arthur L. Adsit, occupation Automobile Machinist on Franklin Ave., and not far away on Broadway Frederic Ward, Automobile and Bicycle Repair.  Therefore, it appears they might have had a brief partnership in Hewlett just prior to c.1910

Nov 10 2019 frank femenias 8:53 PM

Great finds Brian and Gary! The only service station on Franklin Ave in Hewlett today is at Five Towns Auto Center, located at 1205 W Broadway, intersecting Franklin Ave. The rest of Franklin remains residential. This could quite possibly be the location of the old bike shop.

Nov 11 2019 Gary Hammond 7:29 AM

Frank,  I tried looking at the 1906 E. Belcher Hyde Atlas for a possible location, but the Hewlett community at that time had a ton of frame structures, many unidentified as to owners or purpose.  Based on the photo, I don’t think the business was located in a “modern” style garage, but possibly even in a converted residence.

Nov 11 2019 frank femenias 9:14 PM

Great effort Gary, I agree the mechanics were working from (a) home, possibly from a central location in Hewlett that was easily accessible, and preferably near a Railroad station. The Five Towns service center matches the above, but this location requires more research. Too bad for Belcher Hyde but I’m now thinking F.W. Beers maps might have something. It’s worth a try.

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