Mar 04 2014

Mystery Foto #57 Solved: Sam Berliner III and Al Velocci in Battle Row in Old Bethpage

In 2006, Al Velocci, Sam Berliner III, Pat Masterson and I explored unusual sections of the Long Island Motor Parkway including this week's Mystery Foto location.

Answers to the Mystery Foto questions:

-Identify the location of the photo.

This is the northern boundary of the Long Island Motor Parkway in the Battle Row Campgrounds of Old Bethpage, east of Round Swamp Road and west of Claremont Road.


-What exactly are Al and Sam looking at?

The original cedar posts of the Motor Parkway placed here to keep cars and animals off the road around 1909-1910. Amazingly, the wooden posts have survived.

Congrats to Bruce Adams, Frank Femenias, Joe DeBono, Tim Ivers, Art Kleiner, Brian McCarthy, Greg O. , Joe Osterle and Ted for correctly identifying the locations and the wooden posts.



Howard Kroplick

Great image of Al and the line of cedar posts.

Most of the cedar posts were replaced by the ever-present concrete Motor Parkway posts.

The eyelet held wire between the posts.

From left to right: Pat Masterson, Al Velocci and Sam Berliner III. I was the photographer.


Feb 28 2014 Joe Oesterle 8:18 AM

Battleground Row.  East of Round Swamp Road, before the LIMP passes into what is now Old Bethpage Restoration.  The posts are the original LIMP wooden posts, which predate the cement posts that are still found on some of the old right of way.

Feb 28 2014 Bruce Adams 9:50 AM

The Boundary markers at Old Bethpage Village Restoration area?

Feb 28 2014 Bruce Adams 9:52 AM

Battle Row Camp grounds across from Old Bethpage Village Restoration

Feb 28 2014 Michael LaBarbera 10:16 AM

My guess would be the Bethpage Bikeway before they uncovered it and restored it. The last picture lookd down from an embankment at the guys, maybe the old botto bridge ? Wooden post had an eyelet through it, not necessarily a guard rail, but an outer fence to keep motorists seperate from the farm. Purely a guess since theyre deep in the woods.

Mar 01 2014 frank femenias 12:23 AM

Old Bethpage I believe with original LIMP posts, though the last pic with all three gents strongly resembles the Roslyn Lodge area

Mar 01 2014 Joseph DeBono 8:40 AM

This is Joseph DeBono,  Sam and Al Are At Battle Row Park They Are Looking at the original wooded motor parkway post Surprising the post last this long Keep up the good work

Mar 01 2014 Tim Ivers 9:23 AM

It looks like the cleanup crew at the Old Bethpage LIMP location in 2006.
The wooden posts were original markers along the parkway.

Mar 01 2014 Art Kleiner 2:24 PM

Location is Old Bethpage.  Might Al and Sam be looking at fence posts to keep animals (and maybe humans) off the roadway.

Mar 01 2014 brian d mccarthy 4:35 PM

I think you men were near the OBVR bridge (Clody). I’ve seen those wood posts as ROW boundary fencing for the LIMP in some of the old photos. And the wood posts are in a straight line.

Mar 02 2014 Leroy Douglas 8:26 AM

Could this be Wheatley Heights? I have no idea what the post is.

Mar 02 2014 S. Berlner, III 5:43 PM

At long last, a Mystery Photo I can absolutely identify and I can’t say a word!  Locusts couldn’t get me to post the answers, not even in a row!  A staple answer could be wired, though.  Hee, hee, III

Mar 02 2014 Greg O 5:49 PM

Property line fence posts in OBVR and Battle Row campgrounds.

Mar 02 2014 Ted 11:50 PM

I’m not sure where this is, might it be Queens to Alley Pond Park? but I don’t see the bridges, that’s why I doubt it.    Sam and AL are looking at the poles that are marking where the Motor Parkway is going. I can tell you what I see in each picture. 1) a piece of cement or concrete between the 4th and 5th pole 2) flat ground in the distance 3) also in the distance a car, some kind of building to the left of the car and something in front of the car 4) nothing 5) a hook eye on the pole 6) must have been cutting some tree branches

Mar 04 2014 Ted 12:13 AM

You’re late. I hope I’m not too late, but I have the answers. Old Bethpage and they’re looking at the original wooden posts

Mar 04 2014 frank femenias 11:39 AM

These guys are deep in the woods. Past experience has taught me to conduct these types of investigations prior to April,  or you will be eaten alive by all types of insects. Otherwise you’ll need a suit of armour. Amazing how the 100+ year old cedar posts have endured the test of time!

Mar 04 2014 Ted 2:56 PM

Thanks for being late, it gave me a chance to give you the right answers. How did those posts last so long?

Mar 04 2014 Harry Bell 5:30 PM

The posts found along the LIMP in Old Bethpage are locust I think. Cedar would not last that long. The ones still standing are still pretty strong.

Mar 04 2014 Ted 5:42 PM

What happened to S Berliner III, could absolutely identify?

Mar 04 2014 Howard Kroplick 8:06 PM

Harry, you may be right. Here is a link of the type of wood that they used for fence posts in the early 1900s.

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