Oct 07 2019

Mystery Foto #40 Solved: Pintail Elementary School in Levittown Built on the Motor Parkway

Columnist Art Kleiner challenged you to identify this weekend's Mystery Foto.

Answers to Mystery Foto questions:

  • Identify the location in the Mystery Foto.

Levittown north of Orchid Road, south of Woodcock Lane with Pintail Lane running north/south.

  • Identify the building.

Pintail Lane Elementary School (1958-1976). The school was taken down in the 1980s with remnants of the parking lot still seen today. FYI, a pintail is a dabbling duck!

  • What is the approximate year of the aerial. Provide a rationale.

1966. Rationale: Historic Aerials image.

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Congrats to Greg O., Michael LaBarbera, Tim Ivers, Michael Browne, Dave Russo, Joseph Oesterle  and Frank Femenias for identifying the Pintail Elementary School in Levittown.

Kudos to Art Kleiner, Brian McCarthy, Tim Ivers, Michael Browne, Dave Russo and Frank Femenias for documenting this Mystery Foto with photos and news clippings.


Howard Kroplick


1926 Aerial

Kleiner's Korner (Submitted by Art Kleiner)

Meenan Oil Map Pre-1955.

Transfer of Property by Nassau County, June 1955

Brian's Bonus (Submitted by Brian McCarthy)

Newsday, June 5, 1956

Levittown 1960 Daily News

Outside the city, an aerial view of Long Island shows the cookie-cutter houses of Levittown buried under a blanket of snow.

Kleiner's Korner #2 (Submitted by Art Kleiner)

Facebook video  "Pintail Lane first day of school" provided by Michael Rosenthal.

Brian's Bonus #2 (Submitted by Brian McCarthy)

Newsday, February 15, 1980

Newsday, May 12, 1983

Kleiner's Korner #3 (Submitted by Art Kleiner)

Pintail Lane looking east to Heron Lane

View on October 2, 2019


Oct 03 2019 Greg O. 10:37 PM

-Identify the location in the Mystery Foto.
Levittown just North of Orchid Rd and South of Woodcock Ln with Pintail Ln running North/South on the left.

-Identify the building.
Pintail Lane Elementary School opened in 1958 as a part of the Levittown School District. By 1976 the school was closed. It remained vacant until the mid 1980s when it was sold off and torn down.

-What is the approximate year of the aerial. Provide a rationale.
1966. I found the exact image complete with the same vehicles in the parking lot on the Historic Aerials web page.

Oct 04 2019 Michael LaBarbera 8:35 AM

Levittown, Just east of Newbridge on Carnation Dr. was an elementary school that stood for a few years in the late 40s and early50s. Underutilized, it was torn down and all that was left was a vacant and open lot for many years. Now i think houses were just built there.

Oct 04 2019 Tim. Ivers 3:24 PM

Looks like the Pintail Lane school Levittown with Orchid Road running left to right across bottom; Woodcock Land left to right across top and Pintail Lane on left running top to bottom.
The Pintail school was. Built in 1958 and was razed in 1976. My guess is the aerial is 1960 era. The attached photo incorrectly lists Orchid Rd. as “Orchard”..

Oct 04 2019 Michael Browne 5:04 PM

Location: I can tell the location is in Levittown, NY between Woodcock Lane and Orchid Road, with Pintail Lane cutting through the LIMP. Using a current arial image from google maps, the street layout is the same. You can also see that four homes have been constructed on where the parkway turned to the south west. See picture attached.
Building: I suspected it was a school due to the fact there is another school built a few blocks to the east of this photo that is still open today. This building was the Pintail Lane Primary school.
Year: Likely between the late 50s to mid 70s, which according to wikipedia were it years of operation. Also because there are multiple cars in the parking lot, showing that it was likely still being used.

Oct 04 2019 Dave Russo 9:48 PM

No research but I think I’m pretty sure about this one. I recognize this spot.

Levittown. School that was formerly at this location at intersection of orchid and pintail. The space is still there. Nothing has been built on that land since the school was removed.

Oct 04 2019 Dave Russo 10:30 PM

Pics of this location today:

image image
Oct 04 2019 Joseph Oesterle 11:57 PM

Elementary School in Levittown, surrounded by Blacksmith Rd, Laurel Ln, Orchid Rd, and Crocus Ln.  Picture is after 1956, since that is when this building was built.  The old flying club property is just to the north.

Oct 06 2019 Ray Brown 12:00 AM

Is that a reservoir upper left lower photo? Ray Brown- Seattle

Oct 06 2019 eric shaffer 6:39 AM

This is the old Nassau County Police Building off Wantagh Avenue circa 1950.

Oct 06 2019 Steve Lucas 9:34 PM

Just a wild guess but it has the look of someplace in Levittown, maybe around Bloomingdale Road in 1950; but that’s all I’ve got.

Oct 06 2019 S. Berliner, III 11:37 PM

Well, now!  I knew instantly it’s the Elija School off Jerusalem Avenue, looking south.  Nope.  O. K., then, it has to be Ron Ridolph’s Eight Precinct off 107, again looking south.  Nope.  Uh, oh.  Think, man; think!  Oh, yeah - Cammerer Park!  Nope.  Well, it’s certainly not the Williston Park pool!  This is REALLY BAD!  I think I’d better pass.  Oh, my; will I EVER be embarrassed!  Sam, III

Oct 07 2019 frank femenias 3:00 PM

This looks like Pintail Lane Elementary School in Levittown (Island Trees) 1958-1976. Closed when enrollment steadily declined throughout its 18 years, and was still standing until the mid 1980s. The photo appears closer to 1958. North is up and the Motor Parkway Grandstand was to the right (east) about ½ mile. The parking lot and school were built directly on the Motor Parkway RoW.


image image
Oct 07 2019 Frank Mendyk 9:21 PM

Location - Levittown, looking north. Pintail Lane , Orchid Rd and
            Woodcock Lane . LIMP running west to east
Building- property of Nassau County, foundation presently exists
Date - 1951, the houses on Woodcock Lane appear to be newly constructed.
        Houses were built in 1951

Oct 08 2019 Art Kleiner 9:51 AM

Nice - thanks for the additional documentation.  Just as a point of reference, in the first pic (Meenan Oil map), the red circle on the left side marked AK 1956, is where I’ve resided for the last 36 years.  House was constructed in 1955, not sure where I got the 1956 from.

Oct 08 2019 Brian D McCarthy 10:36 AM

Remembering initially seeing this location in 1992 and wondering about all the extra pavement. Appears the video was filmed viewing west in the beginning, time looks to be late 1950’s or early 1960’s. Corner house on Pintail USED too have a view of the LIMP and perhaps a T ball field : ) Great to have this area become an official place of recreation and NOT HOUSING. Good images everyone!

Oct 08 2019 Brian McCarthy 4:04 PM

Ray Brown - drainage basins, not reservoirs

Oct 08 2019 S. Berliner, III 7:17 PM

Well, I’m not as embarrassed as I expected to be; misery loves company.  As to the air field; Joe, what “old flying club property”, please?  It’s NOT the LIACC, which was a mile to the east, just west of Jerusalem Ave., where the Elija School is now.  Was there another field in the area, once?  Sam, III

Oct 08 2019 Howard Kroplick 8:07 PM

Check out the 77 comments on this Levittown Facebook Page responding to this post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/236844036349654/2846665938700771/?comment_id=2847667278600637

Oct 09 2019 Art Kleiner 12:38 AM

Can’t access the Facebook page.  I’ve requested membership and its pending.

Oct 09 2019 S. Berliner, III 12:59 PM

Can’t access the Facebook page.  I have NOT requested membership and it’s NOT pending.  Do I YAHOO!? - hell, no! - nor FB -nor do I intend to!  We should NOT have to access FB or any other social media to view LIMP material!  Determined Dinosaur, III

Howard Kroplick

Sam III, it is a moderated page. If you state you are interested in the Motor Parkway in Levittown they will let you join.

Howard I

Oct 09 2019 frank femenias 2:12 PM

Art - Being a Levittown resident should grant access. Myself a non-resident, access was granted with the inclusion indicating LIMPPS membership.

Oct 09 2019 Art Kleiner 2:36 PM

Got in to Facebook site now.

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