Sep 23 2019

Mystery Foto #38 Solved: A 1960s View of the Motor Parkway from the LIJ Hospital in Lake Success

You needed to be a detective to solve this weekend's Mystery Foto.

Mystery Foto questions:

-Identify this section of the Motor Parkway and the orientation and location of the photographer?

Looking west from atop the Long Island Jewish Hospital. The Motor Parkway can be seen running north-south beyond the tree line.

-Identify the golf course.

Glen Oaks Country Club, now the North Shore Towers Country Club.

-What year was this Mystery Foto taken? Provide a rationale.

Circa 1964-1967 based on the automobiles in the parking lot and the below consensus.

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Congrats to our ace detectives: Greg O., Dave Russo, Andy, Frank Femenias, Joe Oesterle, Alan W., Steve Lucas, Eric Shaffer, Sam Berliner III, Gene Perry, Brian McCarthy, Tim Ivers, Al Velocci, Frank Mendyk and Mike  Appice who identified the Lake Success LIJ  Hospital location.

Kudos to Greg O., Frank Femenias, Sam Berliner III, Brian McCarthy, Tim Ivers and Frank Mendyk who supported their comments with jpegs.


Howard Kroplick


1952 Aerial

This June 10, 1952 aerial ,looking southwest over Lake Success, shows the Long Island Jewish Center under construction. Note: How much of the Motor Parkway was still visible.


Sep 20 2019 Greg O. 9:00 AM

Wow! For some reason, I guessed this one right off the bat. One of the few mystery photos I was able to (I think) solve without having to research!

-Identify this section of the Motor Parkway and the orientation and location of the photographer?

Photographer was in the new LI Jewish Medical center looking West. See attached 1956 aerial. Excuse the crude markings. Yellow highlight being the LIMP. Red line being the photographer’s line of sight.

-Identify the golf course.

Formerly the Glen Oaks Country Club now the North Shore Towers CC.

-What year was this Mystery Foto taken? Provide a rationale.

About 1960-62ish. Hospital built in 1954. And looking at the cars in the parking lot…. Despite being a VW Beetle expert, without seeing the back window I can only determine it to be around a 1960 model with a ragtop sunroof. The C1 Corvette pictured appears to have vents in the front fender which places that model somewhere between 1958-1962.

Sep 20 2019 Dave Russo 10:45 AM

Upon a quick glance, I’m not doing any research here, but this appears to be that zone in Lake Success where the hospitals are on one side, and the golf course on the other. There are a few posts still remaining along the fence.

Sep 20 2019 Andy 6:36 PM

Believe this photo is facing North West, photog was on the roof of LIJ Hospital in Glen Oaks.
Golf course is the North Shore Tower Golf Club.

Year of photo is circa 1965 based on autos. Also, the photo is prior to the construction of NS Tower buildings.

Sep 20 2019 frank femenias 10:13 PM

Off the bat this photo appears to match the exact location of the former LIMP Vanderbilt golfway bridge in Queens, where the present LIJ site is today, and just west of the Nassau County line. If correct, the bridge would have occupied the space of the seven cars parked vertically in the lot (on the left side of the photo). The golf sand trap at most left partially exists today. We’re looking North at today’s North Shore Country Club Golf course. Photo date about mid 1960’s, based on the 2 Chevy Impala station wagons. This mystery is exciting, I’m sure I’ve missed many things. Great stuff Howard

Sep 20 2019 frank femenias 10:14 PM


Sep 20 2019 Al Prete 10:21 PM

I’m guessing that the golf course is The Links at Roslyn, with the photographer looking north. My guess is based on a article from Jan. 24, “11 places on LI that you didn’t know were once golf courses.” An aerial photo of the course in the article is credited to guess who!

I say the photo was taken in 1965, based on the cars in the parking lot. According to the article, the golf course was sold in the 1980s and replaced by The Links at North Hills housing development.

Sep 21 2019 Joe Oesterle 12:10 PM

Looking west.  Rooftop of what today is part of the Long Island Jewish Hospital off Lakeville Rd.  The Northshore Towers are not yet there.

Sep 21 2019 AlanW 6:32 PM

I’m guessing that this picture was taken from the roof of Long Island Jewish Hospital in New Hyde Park looking north towards the future home of North Shore Towers,circa early 1960’s. The golf course - name escapes me - is still there,for use of the residents of NST.

Sep 21 2019 Steve Lucas 10:09 PM

I think the photographer was looking northwest from either the roof or one of the upper floors of Long Island Jewish - Hillside Hospital over the LIMP section between 267th. St. and Hewlett Ave. in northeast Queens. That’s the Glen Oaks Golf and County Club. The station wagon near the lower right appears to be a 1967/68 Chevy and the golf club moved out in 1971 so I’ll guess around 1968 or 1969 for the date.

Sep 22 2019 eric shaffer 12:11 PM

Atop Long Island Jewish Hospital looking northwest with the LIMP running center of photo. The golf course in the photo is now where the apartment towers are now located. This view is just south of Lakeville Road.

Sep 22 2019 Casey DeNicola 12:21 PM

Judging by the relation of the LIMP to golf course,I would say North Hills golf course looking north from building.Unfortunately,there are no buildings along this stretch.The building might be a school.I would say the picture was taken in mid 1960s by looking at cars.

Sep 22 2019 S. Berliner, III 2:07 PM

No detective work at all, it’s almost certainly taken from the roof of the (then-)LI Jewish Hospital (now Med. Ctr)., probably today’s Parker Institute, looking NW across the old parking lot towards the Glen Oaks Club.  The lot was later expanded across the RoW as today’s Motor Parkway Lot.  Can’t make out the vehicles well so I have to guess at late-‘50s/mid-‘60s.  Not too many places where there were such tall buildings right on the RoW back then.  Here’s the lot on 20 Mar 2000, also.  Sam, III

image image
Sep 22 2019 Gene Perry 7:55 PM

This looks like the Limp just west of Lakeville Road near Long Island Jewish Hospital. Near the North Shore Towers Golf Course. Thanks for posting. Gene

Sep 22 2019 Brian D Mccarthy 9:26 PM

*LIMP section & Location, Orientation of Photographer:  This is just past the Nassau & Queens border. Photographer was likely on the roof of LIJ Hospital, viewing N/W. LIMP ROW would be running from N/E to S/W through the parking lot.

*Golf Course:  known as Glen Oaks Golf & Country Club in this era.

*Mid 1960’s going by the types of automobile’s, Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle stands out.

Sep 23 2019 Tim Ivers 11:54 AM

Photo about 1960 of the original Glen Oaks Golf Course at top, which is currently the Towers Golf Course. View is northwest with 1960ish vehicles.
LIMP running l to r across tree line.
74th Avenue running l to r across bottom between parked cars and buildings.
Photo taken from atop LI Jewish Hospital complex, possibly today’s Childrens’ Building.

image image
Sep 23 2019 Al Velocci 6:13 PM

Between the NYC line and Marcus Avenue.                                            Looking North from the top of
Long Island Jewish Hospital.
The Glen Oaks Golf & Country Club.                                                The early 1960’s.

Sep 23 2019 Frank Mendyk 6:37 PM

Section of LIMP - Lake Success , area of the old Vanderbilt farmway bridge
                  photo looking towards the northeast, roadway today is present
                  74th Ave. Photo taken from Long Island Jewish Hospital
Golf course - Old Glen Oaks course, present North Shore Towers
Year of photo - 1961 to 1965, most likely I would say 1963 due to the cars in the
                  parking lot including the 1961 Corvette

Sep 23 2019 Mike Appice 7:01 PM

It looks like the Fresh Meadows Country Club photo shot from the food of the L.I.J Hospital
. The orientation of the Photonos North-North West . The LI Motor Parkway ran behind the parked cars . Time line looks like 1965-1970

Sep 23 2019 Frank Mendyk 9:24 PM

1956 Lake Success Aerials with Long Island Jewish Hospital and LIMP

image image
Sep 24 2019 frank femenias 3:08 AM

I remember being admitted to this hospital back in 1976 when first diagnosed with Type I diabetes (14 years old). Care back then was paramount compared to today. I clearly remember a nurse mentioning how the hospital was split between two counties. Now I know what she meant. Thank you nurse Doreen Small for all your care and assistance with this ongoing disability. I’m now 56 and still kicking ass.

Sep 24 2019 S. Berliner, III 3:07 PM

Funny how none of us esteemèd LI historians mentioned Hillside Hospital (now Zucker-Hillside, a leading psychiatric center) which was there long before LIJ, a little further into Glen Oaks along the LIMP/74th.  I was about to post a pic of the old facility but can’t find a single one (too much stuff/not enough access)!  That’s also the site of the Ronald McDonald House today.  Not so funny was when my then-wife was booted out of her very-nice room at LIJ so that the wife of a Chief of Service could get it!  Sam, III

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