Jan 13 2020

Mystery Foto #2 Solved: The New Hyde Park Road Motor Parkway Bridge Abutment

My favorite co-author Al Velocci needed your assistance identifying this currently unknown Motor Parkway bridge abutment. It came from the same folder that held  a 1956 view of Levittown (Mystery Foto #43).

Answers to the Mystery Foto questions:

  • Identify the location of the Mystery Foto and the orientation of the photographer. Provide a rationale.

​Looking east, the Mystery Foto is the bridge abutment of the New Hyde Park Road Motor Parkway Bridge.  Rationale: The matching image from Henry Austin Clark, Jr. Collection, the house on the right, the electric poles in the middle of the Motor Parkway and the matching electric poles in this area from the Ron Ridolph Collection. A close second possibility was the nearby Shelter Rock Road Bridge abutment -eliminated for the houses on the right and the absence of the concrete wall. 

What was the purpose of the structure on top of the abutment?

After the bridge was removed from New Hyde Park Road, the concrete wall was built to stop automobiles from going over the abutment.

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Congrats to Brian McCarthy and Steve Lucas for identifying the correct area in Manhasset Hills.

Special kudos to Brian McCarthy who solved and documented this very difficult Mystery Foto.


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Howard Kroplick


New Hyde Park Road Bridge Abutment (Circa 1960) Source Henry Austin Clark, Jr. Collection at The Henry Ford Museum Provided by Al Velocci

Caption: Embankment at N.H.Park Rd., looking E.

The slope and path match the Mystery Foto.

Definitely a fire hydrant.

Long Island Motor Parkway East of Old Courthouse Road, Manhasset Hills (1981) Courtesy of Ron Ridolph

In 1981, Ron Ridolph documented this section of the Motor Parkway-east of New Hyde Park Road and Old Courthouse Road Motor Parkway Bridge.

The design of the electric poles match the Mystery Foto.

New Hyde Park Road to Old Courthouse Road Bridge (2019) Courtesy of Sammy & Dave Russo

As documented by the dynamic father and son team of Sammy and Dave Russo, the concrete wall is still there.

View looking east to the Old Courthouse Road Bridge, a landmark of the Town of North Hempstead. Note: The electric pole are in the middle of the Parkway.

View looking west from atop the bridge.


Jan 10 2020 Doug 10:02 AM

Along sals. Park drive near pseg plant, behind the county jail. The parkway curved to run along the rail road tracks that were once there.

Jan 11 2020 Brian D McCarthy 6:38 PM

I’m thinking way outside the Levittown folder, so here goes:

  He or she was positioned on the west side of New Hyde Park Rd, viewing east capturing the LIMP abutment and LILCO ROW. To the right are side views of homes along Executive Dr. A 1966 aerial shows these homes. Blurry to the ROW’s east, but Old Courthouse Hwy bridge may be visible? Wall was erected to close of the parkway post 1938. Also see a chain barrier to the left which may have been a entrance for LILCO ( there’s a gate here now for PSEG ). 4 images you’ll see below, 1 is a 1960’s view of this abutment. Thinking the mystery is later in the 1960’s than the bridge series image. Pretty sure that’s a hydrant in the bridge series image, there’s no hydrant there now. There is a hydrant across on the west side of New Hyde Park Rd.


image image image
Jan 11 2020 Brian D McCarthy 6:40 PM

One more, bridge series image.

Jan 11 2020 S. Berliner, III 11:18 PM

Looks more like the North Hills-Williston-Roslyn stretch to me, perhaps the #26 Robbins Lane farmway bridge?  Sam, III

Jan 12 2020 fred 5:40 AM

possibly stewart ave in Bethpage looking west

Jan 12 2020 Steve Lucas 7:26 PM

I think this photo could be looking west from Shelter Rock Road. Growing up in North New Hyde Park, it sure looks like what I remember of that location in the 1950’s. The flat, open area to the right of the LIMP could be the old Links Golf Course. The structure on top of the abutment was a barricade built to deter automobile usage after abandonment in 1938.

Jan 14 2020 S. Berliner, III 1:31 PM

Outstanding work, Brian!  Well, at least I was in the right general area; I KNEW it wasn’t Salisbury or Levittown.  Structure?  WHAT structure?  Never even occurred to me that the barrier wall was a “structure”.  These Mystery Fotos are such grand fun; thanks, Al and Howard.  Sam, III

Jan 14 2020 Brian D McCarthy 10:36 PM

Thanks Sam III, feels good to hit a home run once a while. : )

Jan 15 2020 Al Velocci 9:01 PM

Brian, Great deducing,. My guess was looking east from Jerusalem Ave. If I had kept an open mind would have realized that there weren’t many trees of that size in that area at the time. Good work.

Jan 16 2020 Brian D McCarthy 10:32 AM

Thanks Al. Took me a while to figure what was to the right. Then I was able to see the windows on the side of the home. Hope you don’t run out of these unknown photos : )

Jan 19 2020 Jim Kaplan 12:15 PM

The photo captioned “View looking east from atop the bridge.” is actually looking west; Executive Drive back yards appear at left, Windsor Gate Drive property is at right.
Howard Kroplick
Correct! Thanks!

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