Aug 12 2013

Mystery Foto #28 Solved:Then & Now- Courses for the 1936 and 1960 Vanderbilt Cup Races

This week's Mystery Foto was a "Then & Now" printed in a press release for the 1960 Vanderbilt Cup Race.

Answers to the Mystery Foto questions:

-Which two Vanderbilt Cup Race courses are represented in this "Then & Now"?

-The 1936 Vanderbilt Cup Race held at the Roosevelt Raceway (automobiles) and the 1960 Vanderbilt Cup Race held at the Roosevelt Raceway (harness racing).

-What year was this "Then & Now" press release published?

Early 1960 prior to the 1960 Vanderbilt Cup Races held on June 18-19, 1960.


Congrats to Art K. who got 100% of the answers!

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Howard Kroplick

The press release that accompanied the "Then & Now".

1936 Course

1960 Course

The 1960 Vanderbilt Cup Race


Aug 09 2013 Joe Oesterle 1:50 AM

Ok, easy part, Roosevelt Raceway.  I don’t even understand the rest of your question.  -joe

Aug 09 2013 Greg Oreiro 10:15 AM

Another photo that required quite a bit of (and ultimately needless) reasearching. Initially I was completely stumped, but I eventually got it- and sitting right under my nose on the VCR site the whole time! At least along the way I discovered some other interesting LIMP info and photos on the Internet that I’d never seen before…

This is the redesigned course for the revived 1960 Vanderbuilt Cup races around the Roosevelt Raceway Horsetrack.

A link for the VCR page;

Aug 09 2013 Tim Ivers 1:59 PM

1936 Vanderbilt Cup (the dark track)
1937 Vanderbilt Cup (the course outlined in white)

Aug 09 2013 Ted 2:43 PM

Is this Roosevlt Field & Roosevelt Raceway (1924-1938)?

Aug 12 2013 Art K. 9:16 AM

1936 Vanderbilt Cup Race at Roosevelt Raceway in Westbury - winner was Tazio Nuvolari who received his Vanderbilt Cup replica from George Vanderbilt III.

1960 Vanderbilt Cup Race at Roosevelt Raceway in Westbury (6/19/60) - winner was Henry Carter (driving a Stanguellini) who received the cup from Cornelius Vanderbert IV.  The two bridges in the picture were the Chevron Bridge and the Martini and Rossi Bridge.  The Eddie Rickenbacker Cup race was run the day before.

Not sure, but I would imagine the Press Release to be close to the announcement of the 1960 race, sometime around May or June of 1960.

Aug 13 2013 Ted 12:51 AM

I knew it was Roosevelt Raceway right off the bat,from other pics and now it’s Roosevelt Field. Joe at least we both knew something

Aug 19 2013 R Troy 9:13 PM

I’d no idea there was a 1960 race.

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