Jun 29 2015

Mystery Foto #26 Solved: Nassau County Gildersleeve Inspecting the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race Course

Inspect this weekend's Mystery Foto!

Mystery Foto questions:

  • Identify the road in which this photo was taken?

This was a driveway from Jericho Turnpike leading to the Krug's Hotel garage located west of Willis Avenue.

  • What was the building in the background?

Krug's Hotel garage at the north west corner of Willis Avenue and Jericho Turnpike in Mineola.Identify the automobile

  • Identify the automobile

Air-Cooled Corbin

  • When was this photo likely taken?

Prior to the American Elimination Trial held on September 22, 1906

  • What was the likely reason for this automobile trip?

Sheriff Gildersleeve was inspecting the 1906 course  to determine where "constables" should be placed to ensure "that the public is well protected."

Congrats to Greg O., Art Kleiner  (see Kleiner's Korner), Ariejan Bos, and David Grappolo (see Grapplo's Gifts) for identifying Sheriff Gildersleeve. Kudos to Art Kleiner, Ariejan Bos and  Davide Grappolo for  discovering  the reason for Gildersleeve's tour.


Howard Kroplick

Caption on photo: Corbin Air Cooled, New Briton, Conn.

Rear Seat, Sheriff Frederick e Gliderseeve, Enroute to Vanderbilt Cup Race, October 1906


Sheriff Gildersleeve's Corbin was heading north on the driveway to Krug's Hotel garage. Note the location of the windmill. Source: 1914 postcard

Source: 1928 Sanborn map

Grappolo's Gifts (Submitted by Davide Grappolo)

The Automobile, September 20, 1906

Motor, September 20, 1906

The Motor World, September 6, 1906

Kleiner's Korner (Submitted by Art Kleiner)

The New York Times, October 4, 1906

Proceedings of the Nassau Board of Supervisors

Gildersleeve's property, 1906


Jun 26 2015 Joseph Oesterle 8:28 AM

My guess, Jericho Tpke, looking North East.  I would say Krug’s hotel is to the right.  The buildings we see are the garages of Krug’s Hotel.  Which were north of the hotel.

Jun 26 2015 Greg O. 10:33 AM

Identify the road in which this photo was taken.
Jericho Tpke.

What was the building in the background?
Krug’s Hotel

Identify the automobile
1906 air-cooled Corbin

Identify the man in the back seat. What was his role in relation to the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race?
Sheriff Frederick E. Gildersleeve

When was this photo likely taken?
Oct. 6 1906

What was the likely reason for this automobile trip?
According to the photo’s caption, the men were ‘enroute to Vanderbilt Cup Race’

Jun 26 2015 Michael LaBarbera 11:25 AM

My guess would be Mineola, Krugs Hotel Auto Garage Thomas Flyer Headquarters(just north, behind the hotel). The car is travelling south on Mineola Blvd, as the Windmill is opposite the Willis Avenue side. The 3 gentlemen i cannot name but it looks like they are arriving to watch the race on their way down from the north shore. Ok i will guess that the driver is Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, and thats all i can guess on this one. I do like the gasoline shed.

Jun 26 2015 Ted 9:36 PM

Hi there.I have some time for this one,I better do it now,might not get a chance again.I think I have two of the answers.The building in the background is the garages for the Vanderbilt Cars over by Krugs Hotel.The date the photo was taken Oct 1906.I got the clues from the photo itself,the water tower and the writings on the building.That’s it for this one

Jun 29 2015 Steve Lucas 12:12 AM

It’s getting late so it’s time for some un-researched guesses: Looks like it might be Jericho Turnpike with the barn/stable/garage of Krug’s Hotel in the background. It could be Dr. Louis Lanehart in the back seat who was the Chief Surgeon for the Vanderbilt Cup Race. Photo was probably taken October 5th. or 6th. of 1906 during a survey or test run of the race course. Car might be a Buick.

Jun 29 2015 Art Kleiner 7:00 AM

Identify the road in which this photo was taken.: Willis Avenue, Jericho Turnpike
What was the building in the background?: Krug’s Garage

Identify the automobile: Corbin

Identify the man in the back seat.: Nassau County Sheriff Frederick E. Gildersleeve

What was his role in relation to the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race?:  Oversaw safety of the race in terms of policing, crowd control, etc.  Requested and received approval from Nassau County to enlist additional police for the race, also Pinkerton detectives “to warn crooks and gamblers off”. 

When was this photo likely taken?  On or shortly before the Oct. 6, 1906 Race.  Documentation in Kleiner’s Korner shows the Sheriff taking a drive on Oct. 4, inspecting tire stations, private spectator stands and the points “where the crowds are to collect and which are dangerous to spectators”.  And with the crowds around Krug’s Corner on the day of the race (Oct. 6), that might not be the day the picture was taken. 

What was the likely reason for this automobile trip?:  As mentioned before to inspect the course.

Jun 29 2015 Ariejan Bos 1:42 PM

On the photo we see sheriff Frederick E. Gildersleeve of the town of Hempstead in the back of a Corbin on Jericho Turnpike ‘on his way to the Vanderbilt Cup race’. He is not very far away though and in fact he is even heading the wrong direction, because Krug’s corner is about 100 yards behind him, and the race course was leading exactly into the opposite direction. The buildings behind the car are the Krug’s East Williston Hotel Sheds & Auto Stables Garage and were located directly behind the hotel. The sheds were used as headquarters by several participants during both the American Eliminations and the Vanderbilt Cup race, such as Haynes, Thomas and probably De Dietrich.
Sheriff Gildersleeve was responsible for the safety around the race course. As stated in MoToR (September 1906): “[..] Sheriff Gildersleeve will see that the crossings are guarded and that the public is well protected [..]”. He also asked for 25 extra deputies to watch for pickpockets.
It seems unlikely to me that the photo was taken on the day of the race itself, but rather on one of days before while checking the course to see if everything was ready for the event.

Jun 29 2015 Howard Kroplick 9:01 PM

From Davide Grappolo:

Hi Howard,

maybe I can answer to some questions related to Mystery Friday Foto #26.

I found the same image on ‘the Automobile’ vol.XV n.12 (Sept 20, 1906) - that is captioned ‘Sheriff Gildersleeve takes a Corbin official car ride’.

About Sheriff Gildersleeve at the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup I have found that:
- ‘During the hours between 5 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, Sheriff Gildersleeve will see that the crossings are guarded and that the public is well protected’ - Motor (Sept, 1906)
- ‘To prevent speeding on the course by non-contestants, Chairman Thompson has given out that Sheriff Gilderslave of Nassau country, will have constables posted along inviting looking stretches and woe betide the lukyless chauffeur who is tempted to advance his spark to the limit’
- The Motor World vol.XIII n.14 (Sept 6, 1906)

So some answers are:
- Identify the automobile : Corbin
- Identify the man in the back seat : Sheriff Gildersleeve
- What was his role in relation to the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race? : Security
- When was this photo likely taken? : late October

Davide Grappolo

Jun 30 2015 Ted 12:55 AM

All did well on this one.I think if I had more time ,I would have given better answers,I just did a rush job and answered what I saw.it’s three weeks already,have about 5 more boxes to unpack..Hopefully by the end of the week we’ll be finished and I’ll be able to find out about car shows here.I’ve seen a few classic cars in my travels There are two in our complex,but don’t know where,I just see them pass our apartment.Bedtime now,have to go to DMV today to make all the changes,very detailed,wish me luck,I need it on this one

Jul 01 2015 Anthony Brucia 7:03 PM

How can I get ahold of the Sanborn map for Mineola?  I live a few blocks north of the old Krug’s Hotel location and would love to see what the area looked like then.

From Howard Kroplick

What streets are you looking for?

From Howard Kroplick

Sanborn maps dating from 1908 and 1907 are typically available online from your local library

Jul 05 2015 Anthony Brucia 10:42 PM

I live on Ferncroft Road.  Thats a good place to start.

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