Jul 08 2013

Mystery Foto #23 Solved: The Munsey Park Service Center on Northern Boulevard with a 1956 Chevy

Last Friday's Mystery Foto was the Munsey Park Service Center on Northern Boulevard with a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air at the pump.

The Mystery Foto questions:

-Location: 1649 Northern Boulevard in Munsey Park. On the north side of the road in the shopping center with Pearle Vision.

-Approximate year of the photo: 1957 (Updated: 7/14/2013)

-Identify one or more of the cars being serviced:

-Chevrolet Bel Air (1956)

-Mercury (1952-1956)

-Studebaker Starlight Coupe (1949-1952)


Congrats to Greg, Ken, JeRita and Jim who I believe got the correct Munsey Park location. Special kudos to greg for submitting the aerials.

Also congrats for the great car IDs: Greg, Ken, Roger, Steve G., JeRita, Steve M., and Jim. Much appreciated!


If you have any suggested Mystery Fotos, please send me a jpeg at [email protected] .


Howard Kroplick







100% Consensus: 1956 Chervolet Bel Air Convertible.


Consensus: Mercury (1952-1956)

1954 Mercury


Consensus: Studebaker (1949-1952)

Studebaker Starlight Coupe


Location: Munsey Park Service Station, 1649 Northern Boulevard, Munsey Park. Likely 1956  to 1958.

Aerials submitted by Greg O.

1966 aerial showing the Munsey Park Service Center

2000 aerial shows the shopping center.

2004 aerial

Ground level view. Note the house above the shopping center has the same roof line as the house in the 1950s image.


Jul 05 2013 Greg Oreiro 7:56 AM

I grew up in Great Neck and do remember passing by that building all the time. According to Google Earth, the address is 1625 Northern Blvd in Munsey Park/Manhasset.

Judging by what looks like a brand new 1956 Bel Air convertible, I’ll estimate the date somewhere in ‘57/‘58.

Also, shouldn’t this be ‘Mystery foto #23’ and not 22?

Jul 05 2013 Ken Harris 11:12 AM

Without doing a lot of research:
Location:  Munsey Park, maybe on Route 25A
Cars: A 1955 Mercury, a 1956 Chevrolet, and a 1949 Studebaker


Jul 06 2013 Roger Price 11:49 PM

I’m sorry, but I don’t know the location of the Texaco station, but it’s a shame that it had to be demolished.  It’s a nice looking building.
The cars, from left to right—1947-49 Studebaker StarLight Coupe, ‘55 Mercury and ‘56 Chevrolet BelAir convertible.
That’s the best I can do.

Jul 07 2013 Steve Green 1:09 AM

Howie:  I can’t id the road (since I’ve been a Californian since age 5), but the cars are a 1956 Chevy, what looks like a ‘52 or ‘53 Mercury behind the Chevy, and, on the left, a Studebaker (probably about 1950 or 1951). . . . . . . .I’d guess the year was about 1957 or 1958; is there a hint in the picture????

Jul 07 2013 JeRita 9:32 AM

Munsey park is on Northern Blvd near the miracle mile I think this was on the north side of the road I see a Studebaker 51-2 a Ford or Mercury 54-5 and a 55-6 Chevy convertible Gas stations were so classy then sorry they’re all gone for the most part Jerita

Jul 07 2013 Steve Mac Nish 10:26 AM

Since I am not from or on Long Island, I cannot identify the location.  However, the cars are a different story.  The car on the left in front of the “Washing” bay is a Studebaker, probably a 1950.  The car on a diagonal in front of the “Tires - Batteries” bay is a 1955 Mercury.  The car at the pumps is a 1956 Chevy BelAir and the car to the right of the station is a 1955 Chevy.  There is also a vehicle in the “Marfax” bay that looks like it might have a Continental kit on it, but I could not make out much of anything else regarding its identity.  I think the picture dates to the summer of 1956 or 1957.

Jul 07 2013 Jim Waechtler 5:18 PM

Munsey Park Texaco Service Station
1956 Chevy convertible
Studebaker - license plate something like MQ5965
Year has to be 1956 or later

This one was kind of easy once I worked out the sign said Munsey.
After that, I found the same photo on e-bay—but I had already figured out 1956 Chevy & Studebaker.
The seller on e-bay says a third car (the white car behind the convertible, probably) is a Mercury. However, the back window seems too low for Mercury and the diagonal chrome on the rear door does not fit either. My first impression was a Dodge & back widow looks a lot like a 1954 Dodge - but the chrome work does not match up. 1952 Oldsmobile had diagonal chrome - but bigger rear window.

The car with the big fins on the lift in the Lubrication bay looks a lot like a 1957 Desoto.

Time on clock is either 1:30 PM or 6:08 PM or it has a big second hand and it’s 1:08:30

Can’t “quite” read the price of gas wink but it’s not unleaded gas & the lady (who looks like my aunt who owned a Studebaker) by the Pepsi machine behind the Dodge/Mercury is not pumping her own gas.

A basket of something was $1.79
Neon signs in window say “Complete Brake Service” and “Wheels Balanced”.

Taking a stab at the address: 1649 Northern Blvd - where the PearleVision is now?

Jul 08 2013 Art K. 12:06 AM

Hi Howard -

The service station in the photo is the Munsey Park Service Station, located at 25 Port Washington Blvd. in Roslyn.  Approximate year is 1956 and the cars shown include a 1956 Chevy Convertible, Studebaker and a Mercury.  Some background info. which I’ll also send you also via e-mail:  The station was owned and operated by Anthony Sarlanis who passed away in Nov., 2012 at approx. 80 years of age.  Based on what I’ve read and in speaking with a person at the current business located at the site, one of Anthony’s sons, Paul was also involved in the business and most probably ran it after Anthony retired.  Unfortunately, Paul took his own life in 2008.  The current business located on the site is named Port Wally’s Service Center and has been operating for about a year.

Jul 08 2013 frank femenias 9:41 PM

The Munsey Park sign out front partially gave it away. Must be on stretch of Northern Blvd 25A between Plandome Rd and Middle Neck Rd, not sure. This building reminds me of the service stations on Long Island pkwy center medians, and it is attractive and well built. Shame that more of them don’t last.  Photo should’ve been taken late 50s. You’ve got me on the cars as well. The car fueling looks something like a 56-7 Chevy. I’d estimate the price of gas to be around $0.159/gal.

Jul 08 2013 Ted 9:49 PM

Oh well I’m too late for answering. All I knew was what cars,onlly knew the year of the 1956 chevy with the left rear tail light to fill the gas tank right?

Jul 09 2013 Greg Oreiro 5:55 PM

Art- The building next to the Sarlanis service station on Port Wash. Blvd that you are referring to, also has a bit of history attached to it as well. Today, the building is where the Port Motors Lincoln Mercury Subaru service dept resides, but the building itself was moved to that location years ago, (I wish I knew exactly when and why it was moved). That building, used to be the indoor tennis courts for ‘Manor House’, the John T Pratt Estate, built between 1909-1915, (now known as the Glen Cove Mansion Hotel and Conference Center)

Jul 09 2013 Art K. 8:42 PM

Guess I shouldn’t have assumed the address on the internet was the location of the mystery photo.  But at least I got some interesting info. about whatever station I was investigating.  And the cars were pretty much correct.

Munsey Park Svc Station

On this page you will find important information about Munsey Park Svc Station based in Roslyn, NY, like the address, contact person and details, as well as the email address and home page.
Munsey Park Svc Station
25 Port Washington Boulevard
New York
Service Station - Gasoline & Oil
Paul Sarlanis

Jul 10 2013 Art K. 2:44 PM

Thanks for the info. on the building next door.  I was up in Glen Cove the day I investigated the Sarlanis service station, near the Pratt estates, so there must be some sort of connection!

Jul 14 2013 Howard Kroplick 11:34 AM

From Bruce Adams:

Gas station photo had to be 1957
See License plates.

Jul 15 2013 Betsey 2:23 PM

This is the garage my husband and I frequented from 1973 until it closed.  Paul was running it then and moved the business to Port Blvd.  This station was torn down to make way for several shops including Pearle Vision, a Bridal shop, framer and men’s clothing.  We were sorry to see it demolished as it was a handsome structure and probaly dated back to the contruction of the Village of Munsey Park in the late 30s, just a few hundred yards east at Manhasset Woods Road.  We moved into Munsey Park in 1973 and could walk down and pick up our car- when serviced. Betsey

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