May 29 2017

Mystery Foto #21 Solved: The Long island Motor Parkway Historic Site Kiosk in Bethpage State Park

Sammy & Dave Russo challenged you to solve this weekend's holiday Mystery Foto.

Mystery Foto questions:

  • Where exactly is the location for this kiosk?

In the Bethpage State Park picnic ground parking lot.

  • Who placed the kiosk at this location? Why?

New York State Department of Transportation placed the kiosk here with the expansion of the Bethpage Bikeway in 2012.

  • Who was the primary source for the information on the Long island Motor Parkway and Vanderbilt Cup Races?

I was the source for the information panels.

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Congrats to Andrew Ward, Greg O., Dick Gorman,  Bob, Sam Berliner III, Bob Albertson, Tim Ivers, Art Kleiner, Frank Mendyk and Tom Carr for identying Bethpage State Park as the location for the kiosk.

Kudos to  Sam Berliner III, Tim Ivers, Art Kleiner, Frank Mendyk, Greg O. and Tom Carr for identifying me as the source for the panels. Before last week, I did not know the kiosk existed or that I was the source for its information!


Howard Kroplick


The panels were developed from my exhibit posters on the Long Island Motor Parkway and the Vanderbilt Cup Races.

Kiosk Location

The kiosk is quite a distance from the Bethpage Bikeway and remnants of the Motor Parkway.

Bethpage Bikeway- Then 2012

In 2012, New York State Department of Transportation built sections of the expanded Bethpage Bikeway over the right-of-way of the Motor Parkway and its pavement.

This Motor Parkway curve was left intact.

Bethpage Bikway-Today

Unfortunately, debris from Superstorm Sandy (October 2012) now cover and block the Motor Parkway curve seen above.

Bob Albertson found this nearby Motor Parkway concrete fence-post in 2016. His directions: It's past the toll booth and the parking lot. Continue into the extended bicycle path. As you approach the motor parkway not the 1st curve but the 2nd curve as you bear left on the bicycle path, look on your right side across from the remnants of the Motor Parkway toward the golf course It’s in the woods. It may  be hard to look in the woods because of the brush and trees.

This is the viewing stand on the Bethpage Bikeway near the Motor Parkway curve. There is currently no signage on the stand.

This is the proposed historic marker that I plan to submit to the New York Department of Transportation. I am recommending that the markers be placed at several locations along the Bethpage Bikeway. Any comments or opinions?


May 25 2017 Joe Oesterle 10:52 PM

I am going to say Hidden Pond Park.  It touches the LIMP ROW, but I do not know why it is here.

May 26 2017 Andrew Ward 6:04 PM

My best guess is Bethpage State Park.  Near the North Entrance Parking lot after paying toll. Having been in park in a.while
but the park is hosting a large part of the trail and this is definitely a nys park land.  Aw

May 27 2017 Greg O. 11:13 AM

Where exactly is the location for this kiosk?
-at the entrance to the Bethpage Bikeway next to the entrance of the parking lot at Bethpage State Park

Who placed the kiosk at this location? Why?
-NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation due to the LIMP running through the park with portions being bike paths.

Who was the primary source for the information on the Long island Motor Parkway and Vanderbilt Cup Races?
-I have no idea who would possibly have THAT much knowledge of The Motor Parkway. This one is a mystery to me!

May 27 2017 Dick Gorman 6:28 PM

Mystery Foto #21… Since my research came up empty I will go back to guessing. The Kiosk in the photo is at Bethpage State Park near where the LIMP once carried traffic way back when. Signage placed there by Sam Russo, perhaps. The primary source of info in these signs could have been Howard K and Sam Russo.
Is it possible that the wooden stakes at the base of the sign are old LIMP fence posts?

May 27 2017 JOHN HERLING 10:55 PM

Seventh Street, Garden City, by the relocated Garden City Toll Lodge

May 28 2017 Richard Sloan 12:19 AM

why was / is there a poll about who thinks there should be a marker placed at the site of Curtiss FIeld?  (And why can’t I find the tally and the percentage of yes and no votes?  You see, thee already is a marker at the site of Curtiss Field. It’s in front of the Home Depot in Green Acres Shopping Center in Valley Stream. It’s been there for a few years, thanx to the application to the Town of Hempstead by a former Pres. of the Valley STream Historical Society.

May 28 2017 Bob 11:27 AM

Foto #21 location is in Bethpage State Park.

May 28 2017 S. Berliner, III 3:57 PM

This post-dates my being on LI but I’ll hazard a wild guess - the SW end of the Picnic Ground parking lot at Bethpage State Park, just N f the LIMP RoW, looking N, placed there by NYS Parks, goaded into action and supplied with data and pix by that omni-present and irresistible LIMP Panelist-cum-Society-founder Kroplick guy.  :ยท)  Sam, III

May 28 2017 Bob Albertson 5:43 PM

Bethpage State Park in the picnic area parking lot right next to the Bethpage bikeway that leads to the parking lot. They placed the Kiosks because of history of Central Park/Bethpage and locations if historic sites on Long Island, Bike /hiking trails. Placed at the bike paths during construction of the extended bike path.

May 28 2017 Steve Lucas 9:37 PM

I think the kiosk might be in Eisenhower Park in East Meadow; possibly in parking field #9, which is closest to the former ROW for the LIMP. It could have been placed by the Nassau County Parks Dept. or DPW. Might our very own Howard Kroplick provided the source material for the signs?

May 28 2017 Tim Ivers 10:30 PM

Looks like a sign that would be at a state park, so I’m guessing it might be at the entrance to the new bikeway at Bethpage State Park, on the footprint of the LIMP path towards the old Botto farmway bridge.  The Long Island State Park Commission erected the sign, with all the data and information provided by Howard Kroplick.

May 28 2017 Ark Kleiner 10:51 PM

This kiosk is in the parking lot at Bethpage State Park on the Bethpage Bikeway.

It was place there by the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, Historical Preservation (OPRHP) and the NYS Dept. of Transportation, Region 10 in association with other environmental and govt. agencies.  It is one of a series of kiosks along the Bethpage Bikeway to provide “trail characteristics, rules and regulations, nearby services, trail etiquette.” It was placed here as it it very close to the Motor Parkway roadway which goes through the park and has some roadway still visible, and some posts.  Dave and Sam provided other details from their recent trip.  On my recent trip there verifying the location of the kiosk, a friendly (I think) hawk was perched on a tree guarding the Parkway. 

Howark Kroplick, of course, provided the info. for the kiosks.

May 28 2017 Ark Kleiner 11:06 PM

I forgot to mention - when visiting the kiosk and don’t want to pay the $8 parking fee just park on Joanne Drive or Park Avenue on the northern edge of the park and hike a little more than half a mile to the parking area.  At the .3 mile marker you’ll be right near the Motor Parkway.  GPS on the phone makes it very easy to stay on track!

May 29 2017 Frank Mendyk 10:39 AM

The location of the Kiosk is in Bethpage State Park parking lot next to the Bethpage Bike path.  The Kiosk was placed by NYS DOT/NYS Parks Recreation and Preservation.  The source of information on the Kiosk was supplied by Howard Kroplick.

May 29 2017 frank femenias 12:54 PM

Good one Sam and Dave. Did I see this at the Garden City Lodge on 7th Street in Garden City? Moved here on March 19, 1989, it is now the Garden City Chamber of Commerce with a small Motor Parkway museum in the basement

May 29 2017 frank femenias 1:02 PM

Location also looks like the parking lot at Bethpage Park looking north, but the shadows don’t match. I’m sticking with Garden City looking west.

May 29 2017 tom carr 3:53 PM

The kiosk is located at the edge of the parking lot for the picnic grounds at Bethpage State Park for visitors and riders along the Bethpage Bikeway.

The kiosk was erected by the NYS Department of Transportation as part of its extension of the Bethpage bike path north along the old route of the Motor Parkway and through Trail View State Park.

The one and only Howard Kroplick.

May 31 2017 Chris 8:10 AM

Yes, push for the historic markers!
By the way Howard, I met you at the site when it was being constructed.
This one was too easy for me to reply.

Jun 05 2017 frank femenias 11:58 PM

Hi Richard - Curtiss Field was part of Roosevelt Field in Garden City where Lindbergh took off to Paris.
Curtiss-Wright Field was where the Green Acres mall is in Valley Stream in the early-mid ‘30s. The most northern hangar was destroyed to build the Home Depot. The remaining hangars still exist in the back.
Anticipating the LIACC historic markers will pull through soon!

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