Mar 19 2018

Mystery Foto #11 Solved: Sammy on the Ezekiel Smith Farmway Bridge in Melville

As part of Sam & Dave's 2017 Excellent Hike, Sammy took a break on this Motor Parkway structure.

Mystery Foto questions:

  • Where were Dave and his son Sam?

Maxess Road in Melville

  • Identify the Motor Parkway structure and the year it was built.

The Ezekiel Smith Farmway Bridge built in 1910.

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Congrats to Joseph Oesterle, Frank Mendyk, Greg O., Michael LaBarbera, Tim Ivers, Brian McCarthy, Bob Albertson, Mel Weed, Steve Lucas, Art Kleiner, Chris Lindsley, Frank Femenias, and Bruce Adams for correctly identifying the almost still standing farmway bridge in Melville.

Kudos to Sama dn Dave who will have their 2018 Motor Parkway Adventure next month.


Howard Kroplick

Sam and Dave's 2017 Excellent Hike- Maxess Road, Melivlle Ezekiel Smith farmway bridge

Maxess Road location

 The abutments

 Sam decided to take a little nap. Not a bad spot!

 From one abutment to the other!

The journey continues east from here. This was essentially our "official" starting point of Vanderbilt Day III.

LIMP takes a sharp right heading toward Ruland Road, next to some old farm.

Kleiner's Korner (Submitted by Art Kleiner)

My tour group points to where Sammy was on the Motor Parkway.


Mar 16 2018 Joseph Oesterle 12:28 AM

The walk over bridge abutment, near Ruland Rd in Melville.

Mar 16 2018 Frank Mendyk 8:42 AM

Melville - LIMP just east of Maxess RD
Ezekiel Smith farmway bridge remnants, built 1910

Mar 16 2018 Greg O. 9:01 AM

Ezekiel Smith Farmway Bridge, just west of Maxess Road in Melville. Built in 1910.

Mar 16 2018 Michael LaBarbera 11:38 AM

Melville, Maxess Road Bridge abutment built 1910, had it been leveled since the photo was taken ?

Mar 16 2018 Tim Ivers 11:58 AM

On the abutment of the Ezekiel Smith farmway bridge just east of Route 110 in Melville between 110 and Ruland Road.  The 1910 construction date still stamped into concrete.

Mar 16 2018 Dave Russo 12:10 PM

If anyone gets the year it was built wrong they should get their LIMP membership suspended!

Mar 17 2018 Brian D McCarthy 6:50 PM

Hi Dave & Sam! Knowing that your car was waiting for you 2 in Dix Hills, this location was close to your journey’s end from Stewart Ave. Sam is taking in some rays on the top of the north abutment ( Ezekiel Smith Farm Way Bridge ) in Melville. Built in 1910.

Dave….When you have a chance, take a look back at your 4/25/2017 Blog Central Ave to Caroline St. In the comments section, a Brian other than myself stated that the concrete base N/O Central Ave & LIRR was an older,smaller transmission tower that was cut down. This was my theory, too. Maybe he has memories of the Rte. 135 construction, too?

Mar 18 2018 Bob Albertson 8:09 AM

Rutland Road Bridge, Melville NY Built in 1910

Mar 18 2018 mel weed 9:18 AM

on Maxxes Road

Mar 18 2018 Steve Lucas 5:13 PM

That sure looks like Sammy relaxing on top of the abutment for the Ezekiel Smith farmway bridge, built in 1910 and now near Maxess Road in Melville.

Mar 18 2018 Art Kleiner 5:29 PM

Maxess Road in Melville. 
Ezekiel Smith farmway bridge (1910) going over the Parkway.

Mar 18 2018 chris lindsley 11:17 PM

they are on the bridge that the LIMP ran under,near Duryea/Maxess. The bridge connected 2 parts of a farm together, based on my LIMP education. I have the pics of the bridge date in my room, but offhand its 1909 I believe (although it could be 1908 lol)

Mar 19 2018 frank femenias 3:34 PM

Sammy is “chillin’” on top of the Ezekiel Smith farmway bridge (1910), just 150’ east of Maxess Rd. in Melville. I believe it’s the north abutment with direct sunlight. 

I remember those walls were pretty high when visiting a few years ago. How’d he get up there?! Great stuff guys.

Mar 19 2018 Howard Kroplick 10:51 PM

Bruce Adams:
I guess it’s the Farm Way Bridge abutment off Maxx’s Road in Melville built 1910.

Mar 19 2018 Jim Dale 11:52 PM

That’s less than 1/2 mile from me.  Sadly, some have taken to vandalizing it with graffiti within the last year.

Mar 20 2018 Dave Russo 10:46 PM

So this is where Vanderbilt Day III really begins as the goal of this day was to explore from Maxess Road bridge east but we felt just to start here would be too short of a day to just do that so we had to enjoy the Bethpage portion first, one of the best locations. But now, let the journey begin!

Mar 20 2018 Dave Russo 10:53 PM

Vanderbilt Day IV will be happening in the next few weeks, exact date TBD but the mission is to start just west of Lakeville Road, behind the hospital, and then proceed through all of Nassau in detail and finish again at the Maxess Road bridge.

Does anyone have any ideas as to possible unknown exploration locations? Are there any thoughts? Howard shared a great idea last year, the Mineola/Albertson location just south of Sigsbee Ave and that turned out to be a great find with lots of LIMP pavement remaining.


Mar 31 2018 Tom 10:50 AM

Just wanted to mention, it’s always great that we can enlarge the photos at home!

Apr 12 2018 S. Berliner, III 10:23 AM

Found my “missing” Maxess pix from 2004/5 - midway down on the Open Items page <>.  Sam, III

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