Mar 09 2020

Mystery Foto #10 Solved: The Winner of the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race in Roslyn

Last weekend's Mystery Foto was a rare elevated image of the 1906 Race.

Answers to the Mystery Foto questions:

  • Identify the location of the Mystery Foto and the orientation of the photographer.

​The Mystery Foto was taken over Powerhouse Road (Old Westbury Road) in Roslyn. It is now the South Service Road of the Long Island Expressway.

  • How did the photographer get this elevated shot?

​It was taken on the Oyster Bay LIRR Bridge.  It was the only elevated location directly above the race.

  • Identify the racer, driver and mechanician.

​The driver was Louis Wagner with mechanican Louis Vivet driving the eventual winner #10 Darraqc.

  • What is the date of the Mystery Foto?

​Based on the spectators along the road, the Mystery Foto was taken during the actual race on Saturday, October 6, 1906.

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Congrats and kudos to Joseph Oesterle, Paul Parisi, Greg O., Tim Ivers, Steve Lucas and Dick Gorman for correctly identifying the Mystery Foto and it date.


Howard Kroplick


Map of the 1906 Course

Photos from October 1906, Automobile Topics

The #12 Locomobile driven by Joe Tracy taken during the American Elimination Trial.

Our Mystery Foto with an incorrect caption.

The: 1906

Why is the train so far away from the bridge?

Now: Mystery Foto


Mar 05 2020 Joseph Oesterle 10:02 PM

Photographer on top of the LIRR bridge over Westbury Ave,  Today the North Service Road of the LIE.  About a quarter of a mile east of Willis Ave / Mineola Ave.  The race turned north on Mineola Ave after the car traveled under the bridge. 
-joe o

Mar 05 2020 Paul Parisi 10:59 PM

Location is Old Westbury rd (now south service rd of I495 or Powerhouse rd)
Orientation of photographer is facing east
Photographer climbed the LIRR trestle to secure his shot
Driver is Louis Wagner (winner). Mechanician is Louis Vivet
Date is October 6 1906

image image
Mar 05 2020 Greg O. 11:22 PM

Identify the location of the Mystery Foto and the orientation of the photographer.

-Looking East down Old Westbury Road in Roslyn during the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race.

How did the photographer get this elevated shot?

-The photographer was standing on the Oyster Bay LIRR bridge over Old Westbury Road.

Howard; correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the exact same spot where the LIE currently goes under the LIRR just East of Willis Ave/Exit 37? Past and current photos in the spot and direction below.

Identify the racer, driver and mechanician.
-Louis Wagner’s #10 Darracq racer, winner of the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race, Mechanician: Louis Vivet

What is the date of the Mystery Foto?

October 6, 1906

image image
Mar 07 2020 Tim Ivers 8:30 PM

Looking down at Old Westbury Road (now the north service road of the LIE)
The photographer was shooting from the top of the old Oyster Bay railroad bridge.
The race car was the #10 Darracq driven by Louis Wagner along with mechanician (I like that word) Louis Vivet on October 6, 1906.

Mar 07 2020 Steve Lucas 10:05 PM

I think we’re looking east on Power House Road (Old Westbury Road) in the Roslyn Heights area. The photographer was probably positioned on the LIRR bridge or abutment for the Oyster Bay branch. The car is the #10 Darracq driven by Louis Wagner who would become the eventual winner. Most sources have Louis Vivet as the mechanician but some claim it is actually Victor Demogeot. The race was held on October 6, 1906 so that’s probably the date of the photo although it could have been taken during a practice run a few days earlier.

Mar 09 2020 Dick Gorman 10:21 AM

Mystery Foto #10… The car is the 100hp Darracq which was the winner of the 1906 VCR with driver Louis Wagner and mechanician Louis Vivet.
The date was October 6, 1906.
As for how the photographer got this shot I want to say he had a camera drone but more likely he was up on a telephone pole.

Mar 09 2020 frank femenias 8:25 PM

I’m too late, but I would’ve said this is rough and hilly terrain, most likely closer to the north shore somewhere. I just don’t know where. Looking forward to all the guesses/answers

Mar 09 2020 frank femenias 8:35 PM

I wasn’t aware there were any RR bridges over roadways this early on Long Island. Thought all were at grade, except at extreme circumstances.

Mar 10 2020 Al Velocci 8:40 PM

Frank, Your forgetting the railroad bridge over over East Shore Rd., Great Neck and over Manhasset Valley /Bayview Ave.

Mar 10 2020 Al Velocci 8:52 PM

Speaking of railroad bridges over/under roadways, does anyone know why Ellison Avenue in Westbury was bridged? The terrain wasn’t an issue.

Mar 11 2020 Brian D McCarthy 10:10 PM

The train seen in the above 1906 photo is at the deadend of the RR siding that was utilized by Nassau County Power & Light. The siding was removed in 1956. How do I know this? Courtesy of the maps below.

image image image
Mar 13 2020 Brian D McCarthy 10:47 PM

Al - I searched a bit, but haven’t found yet why a bridge was built for Ellison Ave instead of a short tunnel due to the elevation. Below states a pedestrian overpass was first built in 1896. Bob Emery’s drawing shows bridge construction in 1907 ( a year prior to the 1908 VCR ), and again in 1947. Then we know the recent bridge work completed in 2016.

image image image
Mar 16 2020 Al Velocci 6:38 PM

Thanks Brian, I also did some additional research to no avail. Still can’t figure out what was so unique about this crossing that warranted an overpass

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