Sep 10 2013

Mystery Foto #32 Solved: Carman Avenue Bridge in East Meadow During the Opening of the Motor Parkway

This week's Mystery Foto  is one of my favorite images of racing on the Long Island Motor Parkway.

The Mystery Foto questions:

-Which Motor Parkway Bridge is in the backround?

-What was the date that the photo was taken? Besides the race, what other significant event happened on this date?

-Identify the two race cars, the race and at least one of the drivers

The answers are below. Congrats to Greg Oreiro and Art K. who answered the answerable questions 100% correct.


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Howard Kroplick

Mystery Foto Questions

Car #1: Name the manufacturer of the car, its driver and the race

J13 Maxwell driven by Charles See during the Jericho Sweepstakes held on October 10, 1908. This race was one of the five Motor Parkway Sweepstakes.

Car #2: Name the manufacturer

Mitchell- the car was either  the J18 driven by F. Zirbes,the J12 driven by C.A. Kerchoff or the N5 driven by H.R. Cousins.

Identify this Motor Parkway bridge.

Carman Avenue Bridge in East Meadow. This location is within walking distance of my high school also on Carman Avenue. East Meadow High School may bhe the only high school in the world surrounded by a golf course, prison, and a hospital.

What date was the photo taken? What other signifcant event happened on this date? 1908-

October 10, 1908- The opening of the Long Island Motor Parkway and other events noted in Steve Lucas' comments below.

Bonus: Identify this vehicle.

I have no idea !


Sep 06 2013 Greg Oreiro 9:42 AM

-Which Motor Parkway Bridge is in the backround?

  Carman Avenue Bridge

-What was the date that the photo was taken? Besides the race, what other significant event happened on this date?

  The Motor Parkway Sweepstakes were held on October 10, 1908. The other event was the Motor Parkway opened for business on the same day.

Car #1: Name the manufacturer of the car, its driver

  #J13 Maxwell driven by Charles See. Finished 4th

Car #2: Name the manufacturer

  #J18 Mitchell driven by F. Zirbes. Finished 3rd

Bonus: Identify this vehicle.

  Is that actually a covered wagon with the top folded up??!

Sep 06 2013 Ted 11:54 PM

Got me working on this one. I have some answers. Car#1 ji3 is a Maxwell driven by Charles See,who came in 4th. The name of the race is Motor Parkway Sweepstakes. The name of the bridge is Jerusalem Ave Bridge. This was only a trial race,not sure of the date,car#2 or the bonus,more research to do on those. Will be back with more

Sep 07 2013 Art K. 6:39 PM

Car #1 - Maxwell driven by Charles See in the 1908 Motor Parkway Sweepstakes
Car #2 - Mitchell driven by H.R. Cousins
Carmen Avenue Bridge, East Meadow
October 10, 1908 - Official opening of the Long Island Motor Parkway
Bonus - potato, corn or other crop harvester?

Sep 08 2013 Ted 12:45 AM

Car#2 could be j12,a Mitchell,driven by Kerchoff,which came in 6th and the mechancian was standing on the runnning boaed or the j16,a Chalmers-Detroit,driven by George Ainsleewhich came in 2nd. Well tha’s it for me,have to get to bed,for the big day tomorrow

Sep 08 2013 Ariejan Bos 11:23 AM

The photo shows a scene during the Jericho Sweepstakes, held on October 10, 1908 at the Long Island Motor Parkway. We see the Maxwell with J13 driven by Charles See, probably followed by the Mitchell with J18 driven by F. Zirbes (the other Mitchell with J12 was out after the first round). On the photo they just passed Plainview Road Bridge.
The wagon on the bridge seems to be a so-called body-break wagon, a large horse drawn wagon with two lengthwise benches. Undoubtedly a local farmer used this wagon to increase his income by transporting spectators to the best viewing spots.
The last question took me some time and lots of possible events passed my mind, until I realized that the day of the races was of course opening and testing day for the brand new Motor Parkway.

Sep 08 2013 Steve Lucas 8:27 PM

The date of the photo is October 10, 1908 taken during the “Jericho Sweepstakes” race. The two cars are a Mitchell, driven by F. Zirbes and a Maxwell, driven by Charles See. I believe the bridge in the background is Jerusalem Avenue. The significant event is the grand opening of the Long Island Motor Parkway. Some might argue that a more significant event also took place on that date: the Chicago Cubs won the first game of the World Series and ultimately won the series 4 games to 1. Cubs fans are still waiting for them to win another World Series.

Sep 09 2013 Ted 10:07 PM

I have no idea what that bonus question vehicle is ,been researching but nothing,first time I ever saw it

Sep 10 2013 Ted 11:53 AM

It was confusing to me about what race it was. I got the cars right and one driver and that’s what that bonus was,learned something again,never a dull moment is there? One question,is that the Carman ave or jerusalem ave bridge,because Greg says Carmam and Steve says Jerusalem?

Sep 10 2013 Art K. 3:00 PM

Howard - wonder if you can clear up my confusion:  here’s my research for the second car- page 51 in your book “Images of America The Long Island Motor Parkway” shows the same picture as the mystery photo.  Caption reads:
“The No. J13 Maxwell battled the No. N5 Mitchell in East Meadow.”  And on your blog of Sept. 16, 2010 the N5 Mitchell is said to be driven by “H.R. Cousins. Finished 4th.  Am I missing something or can’t I believe everything I read!

Sep 10 2013 Howard Kroplick 7:11 PM

Ted, the “highway” bridge is definitely through Carman Avenue. It was the only Motor Parkway bridge that curved to the right in October 1908.

Sep 10 2013 Howard Kroplick 7:19 PM

Art K., good catch. Looking at the photo now, it is really impossible to determine which of the three Mitchells is in the photo.

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