Aug 19 2013

Mystery Foto #29 Solved: The Long Island Aviation Country Club in Hicksville (Later Levittown)

Master detective Greg Oreiro has submitted this week's Mystery Foto.

Answers to the Mystery Foto questions:

-Where on the Motor Parkway was this photo taken?

Looking west adjacent to the Long Island Aviation Club in the 1930s. This area was then considered Hicksville, later it became part of Levittown.


-What are the structures on the right?

The large structure on the right is the country club's hangar. In the background on the right is the clubhouse.

Congratulations to Frank Scotty who solved the Mystery Foto!

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Howard Kroplick





Clubhouse & Hangar

The Hangars

The Clubhouse and Swimming Pool

Club Members

Aerials Views

1938 Pre-Levittown

1948 Post-Levittown

The Hangar Roof Today

Amazingly, the roof of one of the hangars has survived and was relocated to Lexington Avenue in Bethpage after it was dismantled for Levittown.


Aug 16 2013 Frank Scotty 6:51 AM

The picture looks to be in Pre Levittown in the 1930s. The structures are the hangers for the Hicksville Aviation Country Club and beyond that is the clubhouse.

Aug 17 2013 Michael LaBarbera 10:25 AM

Wild guess - eastbound heading toward meadowbrook lodge after roosevelt raceway and the big structure was some kind of garage for the cars ? not much to go by here but what the heck ? mike

Aug 19 2013 frank femenias 4:02 PM

Even harder mystery. I admire all the open space but it leaves me clueless. Lol. The kiosk/shanty? in the corner resembles the one on Washington Avenue in Brentwood at the LIMP T intersection, but this one is on the opposite side of the road. Area may be Brentwood/Commack. This may be a picture of the evasive Brentwood Lodge #3 on Commack Rd 1923-1928 while under construction, with the Brentwood toll-collecting shanty still in place north of it ( where the Bonwit Inn is located today ). The LIMP runs east-west and in between the shanty and lodge. The car is traveling north on Commack Rd towards the LIMP. Tough mystery shot Greg.

Aug 20 2013 Ted 2:20 AM

Good work on this one,never would have gotten this one,didn’t have a clue on what it was

Aug 20 2013 Art K. 1:49 PM

Ooh - I should have gotten this one!  Looked like a hanger in the pic to me and I’m familiar with the aviation club - living so close to the area I didn’t have to look too far.  Ashamed of myself!

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