May 20 2013

Mystery Foto #16 Solved: A 2013 Photo of a Model of Old 16 Locomobile

This trick Mystery Foto has been solved: It is a 2013 black and white photo of a scratch-built model of "Old 16" built by Frank Schaeffer.

Here is the note from Frank:

"Hello Howard-  just wanted to complement you on a great website. It has also been a big help with the historic images in respect to a model I am building and that is ''old 16'' in 3/4 scale. The car will end up being about 12 inches long. I am sending you a few images in hopes that you may consider doing a blog on this build-on your  V.C.R. website- at this point It is pretty near completion. The model is based on a Hudson Miniature kit released in 1948! However, I am building it from scratch and have been documenting it all with photos.  All the best, Frank Schaeffer"

Wonderful job, Frank!

Congrats to Greg who solved the mystery! And kudos to Chris, Frank and Eric for getting the year correct.

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Howard Kroplick

Additional images of Frank's "Old 16" model can be found at his Fotki website .


May 17 2013 Greg 12:34 AM

Being that it looks like a possible staged diarama either in a museum, or a smaller scale model photoshopped to B&W, I’ll go with 2013 as my guess. smile

May 17 2013 chris 5:40 PM


May 18 2013 Ted 1:18 AM

Here I go again,taking another guess at it. Don’t know what year it was,but I can tell you it was built in 1906 and raced in 1908 right? so the picture must be within that timespan,1906 to 1908 in the shop,because I see something on the floor for something to be fixed,repaired or replaced.

May 18 2013 frank femenias 4:48 PM

2013 Color photo converted to black and white. OMG! You’ve got Robertson’s racer!?!? OMG!

May 19 2013 eric shaffer 7:35 AM

It’s a current picture which has been taken in black and white to fool one into believing its older. It’s modern.

May 19 2013 gene martin 9:33 AM

I don’t no but where is it taken.It looks like a great place.I see another car in the picture what is it? Also a set of tool boxes that look new.also tools on the floor look crome plated .was it early 50’s?

May 19 2013 Harry Bell 10:45 PM

The floor and car seem to perfect. They appear like a staged set. My guess on age is with the past few years.

May 20 2013 Peter Becker 8:12 AM

Could be at Bill Harrah’s museum.

May 21 2013 Ted 1:25 AM

That was a tricky one,fooled me and a few others, Never even considered it being a scale model till now,I notice it is on a table. How’d I do with the other answers,the year it was built and when it raced? See you on Thursday nite

May 21 2013 frank femenias 1:50 AM

The detailed work is exquisite!! Congratulations Mr. Schaeffer. Had me fooled.

May 21 2013 Frank Schaeffer 9:58 AM

thanks for posting my work Howard- If any readers are interested in seeing how the model was built they can go to the   fotki   website and look up member ‘‘f1ford49’’ then in my gallery ‘‘OLD 16’’  there is the complete story of the build.  the car in the background is also Peter Helck’s MERCER.  this diorama is what the inside of Mr Helcks Car Barn may have looked like. it is also scenery for all of my builds. for more info and comments I can be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

May 22 2013 Tom 12:39 PM

Great pics!  The detail on the car is amazing.  I make car model’s myself and there never really finished, always adding more realistic items.

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