Jul 09 2018

Update#2:Mystery Foto #27 Solved : A 1935 Hudson Special Eight in Front of the Roslyn Mill Tea House

The town historian of North Hempstead (me) challenged you to identify the automobile in this vintage ad.

Mystery Foto questions

  • Identify the manufacturer and year of the automobile

1935 Hudson Special Eight Suburban Sedan

  • Where was this ad photographed?

On Old Northern Boulevard in the historic Village of Roslyn.

  • Identify the landmark building in the background. What was its original use? What was its use when this ad was shot?

The building is the Roslyn Grist Mill which was an active watermill from 1715 to 1916. From 1920 to 1974, the building was the Roslyn Mill Tea House. Restoration of the Roslyn Grist Mill is scheduled to begin this Summer.

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Congrats to Steve Lucas, Tim Ivers, Joe Osterle, Greg O., Dick Gorman, Gene Perry, Artie Finnegan, Sam Beliner III, Howard Needleman, Mark Schaie, Frank Mendyk, John Mahoney and Dick Gorman for identifying the building as the Roslyn Grist Mill and/or Roslyn Mill Tea House.

Kudos to Steve Lucas, Tim Ivers, Greg O., Dick Gorman, Artie Fiinegan, Mark Schaier, Frank Mendyk, Dick Gorman, John Mahoney and Brian McCarthy for identifying the automobile as a 1935 Hudson.

1935 Ad

The ad was placed in The Literary Digest on May 11, 1935.

Roslyn Grist Mill Then

Circa 1890

Roslyn Mill Tea House Then

Roslyn Grist Mill Now

Nutting's Nuggets (Submitted by Hugh Nutting)

It is a 1935 Hudson Terraplane. The 1934 and 1935 Hudsons and the Terraplane used the same basic body. The 1935 Hudson and Terraplane grills are slightly changed from the 1934 Hudson 8.  Details that make it a 1935 Terraplane are the hood ornament and the lighter front bumper. The 1934 Hudson 8 ornament had a ring around the art deco bird. The car in your photo has some extra cost items like the side mount tire [ many came with only 1 side mount ]  And the larger trunk.

1934 Hudson terraplane mascot

1934 Hudson 8 mascot.

The 1934 Hudson Terraplane had a unique grill compared to the 1934 Hudson, 1935 Hudson and 1935 Terraplane. This phaeton was built in Australia using a Hudson illustration from Detroit that was never produced here. A guy in the HET club imported it to America in the 1970s.

The Woodie is a one-off 1934 Terraplane by Cantrell of Huntington LI.


Jul 06 2018 Steve Lucas 1:26 PM

That’s a 1935 Hudson Special Eight Suburban Sedan parked in front of 1345 Old Northern Blvd. in Roslyn. The historic building was constructed in 1701 as a grist mill. When the photo was taken (presumably in 1935), it was being operated as the Roslyn Mill Tea House.

Jul 06 2018 Tim Ivers 2:51 PM

The car looks like a 1935 Hudson.
The location looks like the old Roslyn Grist Mill on Northern Blvd. built as a mill in 1701.
The picture in 1935 was when it was the Teahouse.

Jul 07 2018 Joe Oesterle 12:32 AM

Not sure on the car.  But the building is the old Roslyn Grist Mill.  That is for sure.

Jul 07 2018 Greg O. 2:27 PM

1934/5 Hudson Terraplane in front of the Roslyn Grist Mill.

Jul 08 2018 John Mahoney 1:31 AM

1935 Hudson, photo appears to be taken in the town of roslyn, il looks like it is in front of what used to be the grist mill

Jul 08 2018 Dick Gorman 10:16 AM

Mystery Foto #27…. The car in the photo is a 1935 Hudson Terraplane. The photo in the ad was shot in front of The Roslyn Mill Tea House on Old Northern Boulevard in Roslyn. The building, built in the early 18th century, was originally a Grist Mill but in 1916 it became the Roslyn Mill Tea House as shown here.
And if you go down to your local Hudson dealer you can buy one of these Terraplanes for about $695.00 according to the ad.

Jul 08 2018 Gene Perry 10:49 AM

The old Grist Mill in Roslyn village! Thanks for posting these great pictures. Gene

Jul 08 2018 Artie Finnegan 4:21 PM

1935 Hudson/Terriplane at the Roslyn Grist mill on old northern blvd

Jul 08 2018 S. Berliner, III 4:53 PM

Instant ID.  ‘34 Hupmobile -except that it’s not.  ‘34 Oakland?  Not quite.  I KNOW that mascot; darn!  On North Hempstead Turnpike (todays’ Northern Boulevard, Rte. 25A, under the Bypass) smack in the middle of Roslyn village, looking (LI) north at the Roslyn Mill, repurposed by then as the veddy-elegant Roslyn Tea House (I vas dere, Cholly, a very few years later, the proper little gentleman, however unwillingly, with my mother).  Sam, III

Jul 08 2018 Howard Needleman 9:24 PM

I just returned from vacation and found your email.  No idea what the car is but the location is Old Northern Boulevard in downtown Roslyn village in front of the historic Robeson-Williams Grist Mill (1715-1745?).  At one time it was a tea house (1919-1975).  You only see the top half of the building because the roadbed is so high across the milldam.

Howard Needleman
former Trustee, Inc. Village of Roslyn

Jul 09 2018 Art Kleiner 6:14 AM

Hudson - early 1940s
I’ll take a wild guess and say the ad was photographed somewhere in Roslyn.  Roslyn Hotel?

Jul 09 2018 mark schaier 10:58 AM

The car - 1935 Hudson Special Country Club Eight series HTL
The photo location - On Old Northern Blvd., Downtown Roslyn NY
The landmark building - The Old Grist Mill - A restaurant at the time of photo?

Jul 09 2018 Frank Mendyk 11:35 AM

Vehicle - 1935 Hudson sedan
The ad was photographed in the Village of Roslyn on Old Northern Blvd.

The building is the old Roslyn Grist Mill.  It was used as a grist mill until being turned into a restaurant in the early 1900’s.  The restaurant was the Roslyn Mill Tea House at the time the photo was shot.

Jul 09 2018 Dick Gorman 12:33 PM

Mystery Foto# 27… Sadly I can’t remember if I already sent in my answer for this week’s Mystery Foto so here it is.
The car in the photo is a 1935 Hudson Terraplane. The photo in the ad was shot in front of The Roslyn Mill Tea House on Old Northern Boulevard in Roslyn. The building, built in the early 18th century, was originally a Grist Mill but in 1916 it became the Roslyn Mill Tea House as shown here.
And if you go down to your local Hudson dealer you can buy one of these for about $695.00 according to the ad.

Jul 09 2018 Brian D McCarthy 8:36 PM

ID make/year of auto: 1935 Hudson Terraplane?

AD location/ ID Landmark Building/ Original Use: No luck on my end, ran out of time. I suspect this building is in the heart of Roslyn, vicinity of the clock tower.

Jul 10 2018 S. Berliner, III 12:08 AM

Knew I knew that mascot!  Nitpicking again - Terraplane was “just” a model of Hudson in 1935.  Looking at side views, unless you can read the hubcaps, how can you tell a Hudson from a Terraplane?  Howard N.‘s comment raises a question.  I always “knew” the roadway had been raised but the mill dam did NOT obscure the ground floor in the ca. 1890 photo.  When was the dam raised or the roadway elevated?  Sam, III

Howard Kroplick I

Sam, that is an excellent question. I believe in the late 1890s, the current “Old Northern Boulevard” was paved on top of the Mill Dam and was higher than the ground floor of the Roslyn Grist Mill. in the 1920s, the road was raised again, likely due to flooding from Silver Lake and Hempstead Harbor.

Jul 10 2018 Howard Kroplick 9:46 AM

John Mahoney:
The photo shown is a 1935 Hudson, and it look like it was taken in the town of Roslyn in front of the Grist Mil

Jul 10 2018 Dick Gorman 11:47 AM

Regarding the Mystery Foto of the Hudson I am amused to see all four doors are SUICIDE DOORS. Seems unusual, even for a car from that era.

Jul 11 2018 mark schaier 12:23 PM

Another thing to identify the regular Hudson from the Terraplane is the hood engine side vent grill, different. Interesting option available in 1935 Hudsons of the Bendix Electric Hand Shifter, that became available on the 1936 Cord, that some of the left over? transmission with that feature was refurbish and put in the first 51 made Tucker 48, until the Tucker developed auto transmission to be put in at the regular production that didn’t happen.

Jul 12 2018 S. Berliner, III 12:06 AM

Dick, here’s a stock 1935 Packard 120 Club Sedan with four suicide doors:


Hadda do that to you!  Some 1934 Chryslers had ‘em but gone by 1935.  Mark, 1935 Hudson and Terraplane hood side grilles are the same on pix I found.  I once drove a weird late ‘30s Hudson that had BOTH a standard floor stick AND an Electric Hand and also a strange Olds {?} of the same vintage that had BOTH a very early Hydramatic AND a manual tranny in series.  Perhaps the oddest of all was a relative’s ca. 1948 MG Y saloon with an Electric Hand - ridiculous!  Sam, III

Jul 12 2018 Dick Gorman 9:30 PM

Thanks Sam for that info about the Lincoln and Chrysler with all those suicide doors.Obviously some people thought it was a good idea. Also as a footnote some present day Bentley’s have suicide doors and I’m sure that there is some magic technology that prevents the doors from opening when car is moving.

Jul 13 2018 S. Berliner, III 11:36 AM

That 1934 HT front is a direct rip-off of the 1933 Chrysler grille and bumper!  Cantrell woodie, eh?  See <http://sbiii.com/longis-3.html#fultcant> and <http://sbiii.com/chryslr5.html#powerwgn> for more about Cantrell.  What a thread this post turned out to be!  Thanks, all.  Sam, III

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