Feb 27 2018

My Long Island Motor Parkway License Plate Collection

Among the most sought-after pieces of Vanderbilia are the porcelain Motor Parkway license plates. From 1912 to 1937, an estimated 7,400 Long Island Motor Parkway license plates were manufactured including 6,700 regular plates and 700 golf club plates. However, there are only 80 known surviving plates, representing 1% of the total produced.

Here is my collection of the 17 confirmed Motor Parkway license plates in my collection.


Howard Kroplick

Unconfirmed (1)


This plate was sold as part of a "Motor Parkway" collection. Since there are no other known 1918 plates, its authenicity cannot be confirmed.

Confirmed (17)


Only known 1925 Motor parkway plate


Special  #25 plate issued to the National Highways Association.


Another National Highways Association plate.


My third National Highways Association plate.







Other Plates/Signs in the Collection

1948 Tucker #72

Roosevelt Field #398

Roosevelt Field Aviation School topper

CIA parking plate

 Long Island Automobile Club Roslyn/Glen Cove road sign


Feb 28 2018 Dave Russo 12:38 PM

Very cool.

You gotta tell me….where did you get these plates? Who would have kept these things around after they were no longer needed and how did you get so many of them?
Howard Kroplick

I have been purchased Motor Parkway license plate over the last 13 years. I purchased one collection of 9 plates, another of 2 plates and 6 individual plates

Feb 28 2018 Brian D McCarthy 11:14 PM

First dibs on the CIA plate!
Howard Kroplick

At the February AACA National Convention, someone confirmed that the CIA plate was authentic and used to designate CIA parking.

Mar 01 2018 Oren Bloom 7:40 AM

Several #25 plates over the years.  Any story there?  Owned by same person?  Did you get them, together?

Howard Kroplick
Definitely a good story: http://www.vanderbiltcupraces.com/blog/article/long_island_motor_parkway_license_plate_25_charles_davis_and_the_good_roads

Mar 01 2018 Dave Russo 7:37 PM

So your obtaining these plates was a matter of finding people who had them? And sold them to you? Of course that is what I expected but I was just wondering if you ever came across any original owners or just randomly came across anyone who happened to have one?? Any cool exploration stories?
Howard Kroplick

Dave, the only Motor Parkway license plate that I ever discovered in the home of the original owner was the 1937 #100 belonging to William K. Vanderbilt, Jr.

Mar 03 2018 Walt Gosden 9:12 AM

thank you for sharing these with all of us. Really cool long island history indeed!!!!!!!!!!  SO much of these treasures are “buried” in peoples collections and never get to be shared with other interested people. You brighten peoples day by sharing with us and also educate and enlighten us with the history behind the piece. Without actually seeing the object verbal or written descriptions sometimes do not give one a good perspective of what it actually is. This let’s us all be more aware of what to seek and look for!
thank you .Walt

Mar 04 2018 S. Berliner, III 3:23 PM

In the linked 02 Aug 2016 blog, Al V. tells about the 1927 orange digits on a blue background and how two #25 plates had these reversed.  One of my many missing images is of a 1927 #25 plate.  Does anyone out there have a 1927 image they’d share, please?  Sam, III
Howard Kroplick I

Here is a link to one 1927 Motor Parkway license plates:


Mar 23 2020 eric glaser 12:27 AM

i have a one that i’ve had for about 40 years. here’s a picture. Any info on it wold be appreciated.
Howard Kroplick

Your porcelain plate is a parking pass for Roosevelt Field similar to my plate # 398


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