May 30 2012

Model of “Old 16” Locomobile Does Not Sell on eBay

A model of "Old 16" by artist Richard Feil  was auctioned on EBay on May 31, 2012. However, no one met the reserve of $8,500.

The auction ends on Thursday at 1:16 PM EST. This is a description of the item by the seller:

For the DISCERNING COLLECTOR    I am offering this SCRATCH BUILT MODEL IN BRASS.  Car was built by Artist Richard Feil in 1968. the detail is EXQUISITE for the era and exceeds -if -not-surpasses any such model today- he captured the engine and undercarriage details as well. all of the proportions are in line and correct. the radiator has thousands of tiny holes in the contours of the core to scale! the drive chains and sprockets are exact of original.the transmission case and brake wheel with external contracting shoe and brake actuating rods are all there as is all of the dashboard and seat detail. fuel tank is copper as original . the model weighs 4.5 pounds and is of all brass construction. it is 1/16 scale-3/4 of an inch equals 1 foot on the real car-just less than 12 inches long.   hood opens and wheels is signed by the artist and has the ''OLD 16'' N Y license plate positioned next to artist data.[under model]  according to my research it may have been commissioned by the Briggs Cunningham collection decades ago. this is a chance to acquire a beautiful piece of workmanship modeled after Americas single most Famous Historic Race Car. you will not see another like it and that is for sure! ADDITIONAL PHOTOS ARE AVAILABLE-Send your email.     this is a one time offer and the sale is final.    shipping is $25.00 for the lower 48.  insurance is up to buyer. I Reserve the right to end auction in case of a local sale. .NOTE: this one rolls.


Jerry Helck, the last private owner of "Old 16", has provided the following insight into the model:

    1) Richard Feil was a model maker, located in Johnston, Rhode Island . A member of I.A.A.M., he built a model of Old 16 for the 1969 convention in Niagara Falls, based on a set of "good plans" received from fellow modeler Jim Ison. Interestingly, it appears he built this first model without having seen the car because he wrote Peter Helck on 3/5/70, sending five photos and politely suggesting a visit. He also said he'd soon be building a second model.

    2) Peter Helck responded very promptly with an invitation and then, after 9 or 10 weeks with no response, repeated his interest in meeting Feil and seeing the model. I've found no followup.

Thanks, Jerry!


Howard Kroplick






Update: eBay Results


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