Mar 16 2008

Mitchell Car Company Racers

Is there is a photo of a Mitchell auto in your book "Vanderbilt Cup Races of Long Island?" If so, is it possible to put these in our Mitchell club newsletter?


Mar 16 2008 Howard Kroplick 12:15 PM

Don, Mitchells did not enter any of the six Long Island Vanderbilt Cup Races and therefore are not included in the book.

However, three Mitchells did particpate in the Motor Parkway Sweepstakes on October 10, 1908. This race opened the Long Island Motor Parkway and was held two weeks before the Vanderbilt Cup Race over the same course. The N1 and N5 Mitchells participated in the Nassau Sweepstakes finishing 3rd and 4th and the J12 Mitchell raced in the Jericho Sweepstakes and finished 6th.

Go to the “Contact Us” tab and please send me your email address. I will forward several images of the Mitchells from my image database which you can share with the Mitchell Club. One image shows the N1 and N5 cars at the starting line with the drivers and mechanicians wearing distinctive sweaters with the Mitchell logos. Enjoy!

Mar 25 2008 Howard Kroplick 12:09 AM

Don, I have added an image of the N5 Mitchell finishing 4th in the 1908 Nassau Sweepstakes .See image above. Starter Fred Wagner can be seen waving the checkered flag.

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