Apr 30 2013

Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series #32: Clinton Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge in Garden City

The 32nd bridge in the series documenting the 60 bridges built by the Long Island Motor Parkway is the two-pillar Clinton Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge in Garden City.  The bridge was located just north of the entrance to the Long Island Motor Parkway General Manager's Office and the Garden City Lodge.


Howard Kroplick

1907 Survey

This is the 1907 survey of the land bought by the Motor Parkway from the heirs of A.T. Stewart. The right-of way was primarily only 50 feet rather than the typical 100 feet or larger. My favorite co-author Al Velocci believes that this section had already been subdivided by the Stewarts' Garden City Company and only 25 feet could be carved out from both sides of the subdivisions.

1928 Motor Parkway Atlas

The curved bridge was built around 1908 to 1909.

Hagstrom Map

Aerial Circa 1932

Great view of the bridge, the first general Manager's Office and the Garden City Lodge.

Ground Images

The bridge looking north in the 1930s. The arrow is indicating the entrance at the Garden City Lodge.

As seen in these two photos courtesy of Ron Ridolph, the two pillars of the bridge were the cause of multiple accidents., view looking south.

Another accident with the view looking south. Note the crowd on the left.

1938 Aerials

Due to its proximity to Roosevelt Field, there are many aerials of the bridge.

Now Images (2013-2013)

Looking west towards Clinton Road

The wooden guard rail for the Clinton Road Bridge.

The east embankment of the bridge.


May 01 2013 frank femenias 12:32 AM

Excellent aerials. The limp roadway looks haunting at night over the bridge. No roadway lighting, driving along open farmlands, just rely on your headlights and hope for the best. I would imagine the private limp police were more present at night because of poor lighting, ready to assist drivers. Too many open spaces and long distances between exits making for dangerous conditions. Does anyone have pictures of what the limp patrol cars looked like?

May 13 2013 Tom 9:13 PM

The night time photos are haunting.  Had to have been very alert driving on those roads.  The headlights had less lighting power than too.

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