Dec 06 2012

Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series: #26 Hillside Avenue Parkway Bridge in East Williston

The 26th bridge in the series documenting the 60 bridges built by the Long Island Motor Parkway is the parkway bridge over Hillside Avenue in East Williston.


Howard Kroplick

March 1909 Survey

The property for the bridge embankments were purchased from William Titus and Timothy Tredwell.

1910 Photo

Looking north-east, this was a ground image of the north embankment.

1923 Belcher-Hyde Map

The original name for Hillside Avenue was East Williston Avenue.

1928 Aerial

Aerial view showing the bridge location south of Wheatley Hills Golf Club.

1928 Motor Parkway Atlas

Note the directional signs: "To E. Williston" and "To Westbury".

1930s Aerial

Discovered by my favorite co-author Al Velocci, this aerial looking west shows Wheatley Hills Golf Club. Northern State Parkway can be seen on the bottom with the Motor Parkway further west. The Hillside Avenue Parkway Bridge is on the far left with the Wheatley Hills Golfway Bridge on the right.

This close-up of the aerial is the best known record of the bridge.

Members of the Wheatley Hills Golf Club bought their passes to the Motor Parkway in the clubhouse.

1940 Map

Soon after this 1940 map was printed, the bridge was taken down

Current Views

Remnants of the north embankment can still be seen today ...marked by several replanted Motor Parkway concrete posts.

More replanted concrete posts have been placed on the south side of Hillside Avenue just east of the Motor Parkway right-of-way.


Dec 07 2012 Ted Reina 12:16 AM

Hi Howard     Certainly learning alot about motor parkway. you are very informative about it. I have something that I know you will be interested in. In the Dec 10th Auto Week Magazine there is something about the Hilton Head Concours, just magnificant cars on page 22 and 23,then Sandy’s Devastation on the next page,then still more on page 27, just thought I’d let you know. Take care

Dec 08 2012 Ted Reina 1:34 PM

Howard   Was watching some videos just now, great one from the Oct 2 1904 celebration. One question about that, was that the Black Best? You get good footage of every video you take or get from somewhere on the Internet,how you find all this I’ll never know, Take care till next time

Dec 08 2012 Ted Reina 7:25 PM

I’m back again Howard   Never thought I would find something new on the site,you are amazing about keeping us all updated on everything,you don’t miss a thing do you,even though we know about it,it’s history in the making and some of your readers don’t know about it,so till next time keep well.

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