Jun 26 2012

Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series:#18 Shelter Rock Road Bridge in Manhasset Hills

Continuing the Long Island Motor Parkway bridge series, the 18th bridge to be featured is the Shelter Rock Road Parkway Bridge in Manhasset Hills.



Howard Kroplick

1909 Surveys

This survey indicated the relatively straight path of the Motor Parkway from Old Courthouse Road to Shelter Rock Road.

11.557 acres were sold by I.U. Willets to the Motor Parkway in the area. Note: Shelter Rock Road was called "Highway to Mineola".

1924 Aerial

This is the best known image of the bridge. The grey-color asphalt of the Motor Parkway can be seen over Shelter Rock Road. The Links Golf Course is north of the Motor Parkway and had a private entrance with access to the Parkway. Does anyone have a ground image of the bridge?

1928 Motor Parkway Atlas

The Motor Parkway Atlas confirmed that the Motor Parkway went over Shelter Rock Road with the "Parkway Bridge" at station 667.

1950 Aerial

By 1950, the bridge was gone but the Motor Parkway could still be seen in aerials.


Ron Ridolph photographed this section of the Motor Parkway heading to Shelter Rock Road.

Current Views-2012

Remnants of the Motor Parkway remain in this area including one of the 3-foot concrete extensions.

There are over 20 concrete Motor Parkway posts remaining between Old Courthouse Road and Shelter Rock Road.

A section of the west embankment of the Shelter Rock Road can be seen here. Note the car on Shelter Rock Road, approximately 6 feet below the embankment.

Bing Map Bird's Eye View-2012

A Bing Map Bird's Eye View still shows the path of the Motor Parkway.


Jun 27 2012 Joseph Oesterle 3:50 AM

I love Ron’s picture.  It is how I remember this area as a kid.  There used to be a gate held up by two brick pillars at the private entrance.  I remember it well.  Thanks again.

Jun 27 2012 Joe Oesterle 3:52 AM

Also…. you can see in the 2012 overview how Shelter Rock Road was slightly west of the current day road.

Jun 27 2012 Brian D McCarthy 1:19 PM

It’s great when there’s access to ground level photos of these bridges, but they must be difficult to come across, Howard. Hopefully somebody will have some. Good luck on the Searingtown Rd area. I particularly enjoy the bridge series overall. Thanks, Howard.

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