Aug 02 2011

Postcards from the Long Island Automotive Museum: Ford Town Cars

Don Watson: "We are looking for postcards showing the Model T Ford Towncar"

The Long Island Automotive Museum offered a wide array of related merchandise including; jewelry, label buttons, photos, model car kits, china and series of postcards. As described in this brochure , provided by Walter McCarthy, there were over 500 cars postcards published featuring the cars of "Henry Austin Clark, Jr. and other noted collections". Don, here are four Ford Town car postcards (one Model T and three Model A) from the Long Island Automotive Museum postcard collection

1923 Ford "T" Town Car



1929 Ford "A" Town Car



1929 Ford "A" Town Car with body by Murray



1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Town Sedan



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Feb 20 2012 Robert carneal 7:42 AM

II have about twenty of these postcards. Please let me know what they are worth.

Sep 18 2016 Edward Sullivan 10:55 AM

One of the postcards the 1929 Model A Town Car with the carriage lights. I’ve riding in it when I was a kid. It was owned by Jack Greenland from Allston Massachusetts. My dad knew him well. Jack owned a few cars, in addition to the town car he had a 1929 taxi a 26 dodge touring, 31 ford coupe, etc.

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