Aug 26 2011

Long Island Automotive Event Update: News, Cancellations & Recent Comments-Saturday, August 27, 2011

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Due to the pending approach of Hurricane Irene, this weekend's car shows are a washout. Some examples:

Old Timer’s Day at the Himes Museum, Bayshore, Sunday, August 28, 2011 "We have officially decided to "Hurricane Date" the Old Timer's Event scheduled for this Sunday. We have moved it to Saturday, September 10th, 2011. We want everyone to be safe, and hope that we see each and everyone of you on the revised date. Thank You. "

Show & Cacklefest, West Babylon, Sunday, August 28, 2011"Attention in the pits!!! ***Please note****** Due to Hurricane Irene - RESCHEDULED to Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! September 25th, 2011 ***Experience Long Island's automotive racing heritage and unique custom cars up close at East Neck Auto's 4th Annual HOT RODS & RACE CARS Show & Cacklefest."

Car & Bike Show & Swap Meet, Lindenhurst, Saturday, August 27, 2011"SHOW CANCELED- New York AutoFest Lindenhurst Fire Police Fundraiser, Saturday August 27. Due to the extreme weather conditions associated with approaching Hurricane Irene the show has been canceled. Unfortunately there is no rain date for the show."

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Great Neck Record Alco 6 “Black Beast” Featured At Great Neck Plaza AutoFest

The “Beast” is back in town as the famous 1909 Alco 6 Black Beast vintage racer returns to the 27th Annual Great Neck Plaza AutoFest and Street Festival for the third consecutive year on Sunday, Sept. 18 (rain date: Sunday, Sept. 25)....The Black Beast’s prolific history was enhanced even further this year as it was one of seven vintage race cars to participate in a ceremonial, parade lap at the 2011 Indianapolis 500 as part of the commemoration of the race’s 100th year anniversary.

Updates & Recent Comments


Willie K’s Cars: #4 1902 60-HP Mors Racing In Europe

August 26, 2011 Update: On Thanksgiving Day 1903, Vanderbilt took his 60-hp Mors to West Orange, New Jersey, and won the Eagle Rock Hill Climbing Contest. He broke the record time for the steep, curvy, one-mile hill. After his victory, crowds surrounded Vanderbilt, who wore a fur coat to protect against the wind while driving.


Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series: #4 The Bridge over the Queens Central Railroad Right-of-Way

Mitch Kaften: "In the NYC aerial map from 1951, the old bypass road is still clearly visible. Howard, I’ll send you a screen shot. The site is: ."

Brian McCarthy: "After viewing the google map of this area, I can “see” where the limp and old railway crossed paths. I remember reading that stewart rd is basically the route of the old tracks, and then just picture the tracks continuing in a NW direction. It’s neat that the limp/brooklyn queens greenway is noted on these maps, as well."

Dennis Kelly: "I have been riding my bike past there for YEARS and wondering what that side road was all about! Howard, you’re doing great work here. Any idea why that piece of land was never developed? There are houses on what would have been the bridge and rest of the road."

Robert Miller: “It’s always been my belief the bridge was installed, but not used, ca 1911, as the one print I’ve seen of it ca 1944/6, shows it to be the same type of railroad through girder bridge used over the Oyster Bay and Main Lines, plus a few north-south roads from Winchester Boulevard east. The biggest difference from the older plate girder bridges seems to be the addition of the tubular top rails which the old bridges didn’t have. I have a paper print from the Queens Archives file dated ca 1944/46, with the bridge badly overgrown/surrounded with all kinds of vegetation—it looked as old as the 1911 steel bridges further east—couldn’t see the railroad right-of-way beneath it. Grateful for your data.”


Joe Dawson- Hero of the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race & Winner of the Second Indy 500

Jean-Yves Lassaux (Paris): "I am sending you this interesting comparison between Grant’s Alco and Dawson’s Marmon during the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup."

Mark DeSantis: "Louis Chevrolet led the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup race until he crashed with suspension failure in his Marquette Buick. He would have easily won the race with better suspension. Instead he ended up in a Long Island hospital."


VanderbiltCupRaces Exclusive: The 1900 Newport Automobile Races & the First Vanderbilt Cup Trophy

Joel Finn: "Good work, but needs some corrections. Riker ran his own company at that time, he did not work for Locomobile. Riker won the Electric Car race at Aquidneck. His trophy was presented by the Locomobile Club of America. I have Riker’s trophy and program from the event and photos of WKV’s Daimler. By the way, the Daimler Phoenix was the first racing car ever imported into the U.S."


What Hampered the Marmon Wasp During 2011 Indy 500 Parade Lap

E. Dean Butler: “Today one of my guys from Zakiras Garage was at a shop near Indy where he saw the 1911 Marmon Wasp. The damage from the recently-thrown rod is not all that bad. The crankcase will be welded and a new rod is being made. Good news!!!”

Then & Now: Long Island Automotive Museum

Richard W: “I look forward to the info you send out….the video of the Long Island Automotive Museum was both sad and uplifting at the same time…...I fear that America’s infatuation/ love affair with the automobile is waning…...I try to instill the wonder of the auto in my kids, but…..... I have a fully restored 1930 Model A Ford Cabriolet and an unrestored 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4 door edan that was owned by my grandfather…...absolutely beautifully engineered vehicles with personality. I look forward to your next newsletter!”

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