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Long Island Automotive Event Update: Events, Updates & Recent Comments-Saturday, September 10, 2011

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Upcoming Alco Black Beast Events:

The Black Beast will be participating in two events this weekend:


Old Timer’s Day at the Himes Museum, Bayshore, Saturday, September 10, 2011. The Black Beast will appear from 10:00 am to Noon.

L. I. Cruizin’ For A Cure, Hicksville, Sunday, September 11, 2011

Upcoming Long Island Automotive Events

Weather permitting, a total of eight car shows will be held this Saturday and Sunday:

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Updates & Recent Comments


Highlights from the 2011 Sunday in the Park Concours at Lime Rock Track

Update September 6, 2011: Sunday in the Park Concours Winners 

                                    Sunday in the Park Photos

Robert R: “SPECTACULAR, Howard! What a treat. So great to have seen you and the Beast today, and so pleased that you took home a trophy.”

Video: “Take a Ride with the Black Beast on the Lime Rock Track”

Update: September 6, 2011: Sports Car Digest: Lime Rock Historic Festival 2011 – Results and Photos

Ken Wiebke:"Great video Howard. I can’t imagine the guts of the oldtimers who had these up to what 90MPH on the rough roads of the time. Have you considered visting something like the Bonneville Salt flats to drive the Black Beast wide open? From the Indy video I had the impression she had plenty more to give… What’s your view about top speed?"

Roy Buckridge: "I loved your drive around the Lime Rock circuit. What a great way to enjoy your Black Beast. Take advantage of every oppertunity to run the Black Beast, a real thrill."

Jame and Gram Spina: "Drove at Lime Rock numerous times in my TVR…but…THIS was SO much more fun! Look forward to seeing you and the beast at upcoming events. Gram wants you to sign his Indy 500 program."

David R:“Great ride in the Black Beast. This gave me the encouragement to bring my flat tail sprint car and my 1952 road race special to Lime Rock next year. I have never driven there and have been thinking about it for the last couple of years. It is not a nice tow from Williamsburg, VA to Lime Rock but looks like it would be worth it.”

Bob Melhado:"WOW! That helmet camera does a fantastic job! Thanks for the ride Howard..Lets hope I can get worker rides at future events…I’m glad we had just enough time to get this one lap in !


Then & Now: 1911 Vanderbilt Cup Race Course- Waters Avenue, Savannah

Jean-Yves Lassaux: "Wonderful! Only the typical trees of Savannah survived! The first photo is the famous Mercedes “Grey Ghost” that won the 1912 Vanderbilt Cup at Milwaukee. Mercedes Grey Ghost


A Tribute to the Mechanicians of the Vanderbilt Cup Races

Update: Images of Carl Mensel and William Luttgen

Jim Elferdink: "And let’s not forget to mention Carl Mensel, George Arents’ mechanician in the 1904 race."

Rich Lee (Great-Grandson of mechanician Frank Lee): "much apprieciated tribute howard."

Robert Luttgen: "One of my favorite photo’s is that of William Luttgen in the 1905 race where his was a riding mechanic on Foxhall Keene’s #5 Mercedes. He was pinned under the Mercedes after it hit a telephone pole, and the resulting photo made the front page of The Brooklyn Daily Eagle. As you mentioned in a previous post, that photo of Keene looking down at my Grandfather’s legs sticking out from under his car sort of upstaged the story about the actual winner of the race. Thanks again Howard for all your work preserving this part of our history.

Dianne Watkins:"Has anyone come across the name of my Grandfather, Andrew C. Balfour, Sr. who was hired by the Whitney’s and Vanderbilts out of New Orleans to be their chauffeur and mechanic in Oyster Bay. I have a photo of my Grandfather sitting in car 11 of the Vanderbilt Cup Race of 1910. He knew Theodore Roosevelt, and often had long conversations with him. Mrs. Edith Roosevelt made my mother’s christening gown…"

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