Mar 18 2020

Kleiner’s Korner: Peter Helck’s Postcard Collection

Included in the Peter Helck Family Collection are nearly 300 postcards.  Topics include automobiles (including over 30 from the Long Island Automotive Museum), US and foreign drivers and races and those of a comical nature.  This first series of postcards are an assortment of races, the first of which George Robertson and Al Poole participated. 

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Art Kleiner

Indiana Trophy - Al Poole (1909)

In the lead up race to the 1909 Cobe Cup (Indiana), Al Poole drove #17 Chalmers-Detriot in the Indiana Trophy race the day before (June 18) finishing 7th.  George Robertson drove his #10 Locomobile and finshed second, with Glenn Etheridge as mechanician.  

Poole sent this postcard to his family in Coventry, England following the race. 

New York-Paris Race Winner - 1908

The 1907 Thomas Flyer participated in the 1964 Veterans Motor Car Club of America Glidden Run and was photographed atop Pike's Peak in Colorado. 

Lowell Auto Race Circuit - 1908

Simplex #1 drive by Lescauly

Merrimack Valley Course - 1908

Al Poole is driving an Isotta and George Robertson a FIAT.

Elgin Road Race - 1915

Earl Cooper's #8 Stutz

Daytona Beach

Famous Speed Racers

Watkins Glen - 1951

Monaco Grand Prix - 1970


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Mar 19 2020 Brian D McCarthy 10:48 AM

Great images! 1951 image brings to mind when my sons were cub scouts with their soap box derby cars : )

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