Aug 01 2010

Archives: 1960 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Newsreel "1960 Vanderbilt Cup Race, Roosevelt Raceway, New York"

The Dagradas and the 1960 Cornelius Vanderbilt Cup Race at Roosevelt Raceway


Jan 28 2018 Gary Cossaboon 9:40 AM

Lewis Flink’ son Joe attended and saved magazines from this race.  Looking for more photos, very sharp memory.  Contact available if of interest.

Gary C
Elva registry
Vineland, NJ Speedway

Jun 10 2018 Gary Cossaboon 9:50 AM


I just saw your 2010 post to Roger Linton about the Scorpion FJ.
Very interested in talking to you.

gcssbn at

Apr 08 2019 Michael E Luftman 9:40 AM

I believe the Vanderbilt Cup was also awarded at some of the early races at Bridgehampton and that my Dad, Walter Luftman, probably raced in some of them in the early ‘60s. Does anyone have any records pertaining to this? I’d love to see them.

Apr 09 2019 Gary 10:38 AM

Mike,  There is a website with Bridgehampton SCCA photos and results; you can Google it.
Dave Nicholas has a great site  1950s-60s racing NE-SCCA

I’ll bet the Watkins Glen research center would have results for your Dad, too.

If he got down to Vineland, South Jersey region I can help.  Do you know the car make & color?  What years he raced?

Good luck with your search!

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