Mar 21 2011

In Search of Alcos: #6 1912 Alco Touring Car at Fondation Berliet, Lyon France

Over the last 25 years, it has been widely written that there are only 12 original, rebuilt and restored Alcos that exist in museums and private collections. As requested by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, I have been attempting to track down the Alco "12". As noted by Phil last week, Alco #6 can be found at Fondation Berliet in Lyon, France.




American Locomotive Company first diversified into the automobile business in 1906 producing cars under a license from the Berliet company. The Berliet Foundation located in Lyon, France was established in 1982 by the descendants of Marius Berliet to preserve the heritage of the Berliet Company.


March 27, 2011 Update: A photo of the Fondation Berliet's 1912 Alco submitted by Andy Oldman.

The Alco can be seen at the 6:25 mark of this slideshow of the cars and trucks in the foundation:

Coming soon, images of Andy Oldman's 1912 Alco touring car, if you know the location of the other Alcos, please leave a comment below.

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Mar 26 2011 Ann Carriere 9:53 AM


Yes, the Berliet Foundation is owner of an Alco car: torp├ędo motor 6 cylinder 120 x 140, 60 HP, 1912.

Mar 28 2011 Bob Thomas 3:31 PM

Obviously, Berliet was into serious trucks and commercial vehicles, the “passenger” vehicles were a sideline, if such could be said of the market in the eary 1900’s.
Sort of wonder what could have happened if WW1 did not happen?

Sep 13 2014 Roy Pasini 1:50 PM

This vehicle was one of seven Alcos and one Isotta Fraschini rescued by Joe Loecy of Chardon, Ohio from the same source and restored many years ago.  It was driven in the Rose Bowl parade with singer Kate Smith as a passenger, and was to be the vehicle Joe was to drive in the ill-fated 1976 Bicentennial Around the World Auto Race, which never occurred.  It is interesting to note that he chose to drive this car over the dozen or so pre-WWI Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts he owned.  Joe sold it to Berliet back in the 1980’s, and I was present when he made the deal to sell the vehicle.

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