Jul 05 2011

In Search of Alcos: #10 The 1909 Alco 9-60 Touring Car Formerly at the Indy Hall of Fame Museum

Over the last three months, VanderbiltCupRaces.com has attempted to document the Alco "12"- the 12 existing rebuilt and restored cars made originally by the American Locomotive Company in Providence, Rhode Island. The tenth Alco is a 1909 Alco 9-60 Touring Car owned by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway:


When the Alco Black Beast arrived last month for its parade lap at the Indy 500 Race, it was stored in the famous basement of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum. Due to the significant size of the Indy collection, a large number of cars are stored in this basement which is strictly off--limits to the public. Among the spectacular cars in the basement, I was amazed to find a 1909 Alco Touring Car.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway provided this information on the car:

Built By: American Locomotive Company, Providence, Rhode Island

Date of Origin: 1909

Model: 9-60 Touring

Wheelbase: 134 inches

Transmission: 4 Forward/1 reverse

Price New: $6,000

Engine: 4 Cylinder T-Head/Cylinders in Pairs/Non-Detachable Head

Bore: 5.125 "

Stroke: 5.50 "

Displacement: 487 Cubic Inches

Horsepower: 42

Approximate Mileage: 9.14 MPG



Since photography is not allowed in the basement, I began a search to further document an image of the car. I was fortunate to find a discussion of Alco automobiles on indianarailroads.org. Sharpy1 suggested a 2006 issue of Trains magazine may be helpful. Eureka, the February 2006 issue included an article on Alco automobiles by Eric Powell, formerly media coordinator for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and a photo of the car.

July 13, 2011 Update:


A big thanks to Ron McQueeney, the Director/Photography of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, for taking the Alco from the Hall of Fame basement and forwarding this wonderful image. Remember to click on the photo to enlarge it:

In late 2011, this Alco was sold or traded by the museum to a private collector.

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