Jul 14 2011

In Search of Alcos: The Missing Alcos Last Seen In California

Over the last four months, VanderbiltCupRaces.com has attempted to document the Alco "12"- the 12 reported existing rebuilt and restored cars made originally by the American Locomotive Company in Providence, Rhode Island. Eleven Alcos have been documented. However, #12 has been elusive. Here's the research...so far:

On December 13, 1999, Michael J. Zetlmaier posted this comment on the AACA Forum:

1911 ALCO Touring Car (4 cylinders)

I am interested in finding out if anyone knows the where abouts of this automobile. My dad owned it from 1553 until 1967. My dad never restored it. He sold it to a man that owned a Winton. The man that bought the car was a pilot for Swick Air. He flew from San Fransico to Thailand. .. I would appreciate hearing from any member that knows what has become of this fine automobile. The vehicle was basically complete the original engine, flywheel, clutch, transmission rear end were there. the raditor was perfect. The only items missing were head, side and tail lamp. Body was complete, upholestry was in very good condition for being 50+ years old. The hardware for the top was complete, just needed a new canvas top made for it. There is an interesting story on how my dad acquired this car.Thank you, hope to hear from some one soon. Sincerely, Michael J. Zetlmaier

On January 16, 2000, Alex Joyce responded to the comment. Alex was the owner of the 1913 Alco currently at the Milhous Museum:

I have a 6-cylinder 1913 Alco and have worked pretty hard for 11 years to find all the Alco's I can. Of the 4-cylinder ones, I know of the following:1910 or 11green, built up non-authentic body, 4-pass cloverleaf (toy-tonneau type) on a very authentic chassis and running gear. This car has a body built up probably in the 50's. It was owned in the 70's and 80's by Joel Naive who died in 1993 while on a motorcycle rally in Ireland. Present location unknown.1912: 5-passenger touring car. Sitting in storage at a closely guarded location in the southern half of California. 1912(poss 1913), 5-passenger touring car, very authentic. In the Payne Collection at Seal Habor Cove, Maine.I have heard reports of another 1910 or 1911 4-cylinder car somewhere out west, but nothing more concrete than that. Alex Joyce

On January 17, 200,"Ron Barn" provided this information on the AACA Forum:

AACA records show a 1911 Alco 4-cyl winning a First National Award at Tucson in 1988. At that time the car was owned by Hollis Davenport, Tucson, AZ.


A summary of the AACA Western Division National Spring Meet held on April 29 to May 1, 1988 in the Tucson Region. The Class 13-B Senior was won by the 1911 Alco owned by Hollis G. Davenport of Tucson, Arizona. The Davenport family has stated that the car was subsequently sold to a collector in California.

Does anyone have any information on the possible Alco #12? Please leave a comment or send an email to Howard@Kroplick.com

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Jul 17 2011 Walter McCarthy 7:41 AM

Hi Howard,  I guess you know the Joel Naive car is the car that is on L. I. now with rear doors added.  Walter

Jul 22 2011 Howard Kroplick 10:31 PM

Hi Walt:

Thanks for the information!


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