Sep 21 2014

Upcoming Howard Kroplick & Chrysler’s Chrysler Events

Current schedule of  presentations and events.

Sunday, October26, 2014

Cradle of Aviation Classic Car Show,Garden City, NY

Chrysler's Chrysler is planning on participating.


Apr 21 2014 Ted 9:19 PM

Which ones should I go to? I know I’ll be going on Saturday and Sunday, wouldn’t miss that for anything, Now I think I want to go to the one in Farmingdale, because I’ve never been there before, it’ll be someplace different to see anyway. I’ve been to the Bethpage and Great Neck Library. East Hills would be someplace different too. See ya Saturday, maybe sooner, who knows?

Apr 29 2014 Ted 2:10 AM

Howard, I have a question for you. On October 2 2004 there was a Centennial Vanderbilt Cup Race Celebration. I watched that film, was that you driving? and what car was that? not the Black Beast, I know, but sounded like it and think it was a smaller, model, not as long.

From Howard Kroplick:

Ted, the car was the 1904 Pope-Toledo


Apr 30 2014 Ted 12:03 AM

Thanks for these response. See ya, sooner than you think

May 01 2014 Ted 12:45 AM

As I’ve been saying, even though it’s the same presentation, there’s something different every time and you get to meet people that throw in something else about the presentation, that you didn’t even know about, which even amazes you, which goes to show there’s so much that you don’t know about L.I.

Sep 25 2014 Ted 2:14 AM

Howard. I know that the Black Beast is going to be at Cow Neck on Sat 9/27, also a 50th anniversary for Mustangs at Eisenhower Park too, will yours be there, along with you, then go to Cow Neck or what?, I’d l like to go only if your car or cars are there, Let me know. Thanks.
From Howard Kroplick

Ted, I will be at Cow Neck with the Black Beast all day.

Sep 25 2014 Ted 6:06 PM

Thanks a lot Howard. See you there.

Sep 26 2014 Ted 10:30 PM

For those of you who are going to Cow Neck tomorrow, beware there’s going to be a Parade at 11:30, starting at Main Street to Port Washington Blvd and ending at Campus Drive. There’s also a lot of other things going on all day, It’s going to be a busy day.

Oct 07 2014 Ted 11:41 PM

Howard- I’m really looking forward to seeing you and finally the magnificent Chryslers Chrysler on this Sunday.

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