Jan 14 2020

Willie K. Presentation Draws Capacity Crowd in Roslyn

A capacity crowd of 100 people enjoyed Dr. Steve Gittelman's thought-provoking presentation on William K. Vanderbilt, Jr. at the Bryant Library tonight. Thanks for coming out!

The Bryant Library and the Roslyn Landmark Society invited you to a special presentation on the Long Island Motor Parkway and William K. Vanderbilt II. The guest speaker is Steve Gittelman, Ph.D,  Vanderbilt's biographer and for over 30 years a trustee of the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum.


Howard Kroplick

William K. Vanderbilt & the Long Island Motor Parkway

Sponsored by The Roslyn Landmark Society

Presentation by Steve Gittelman

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 7:00 PM at The Bryant Library

Poor Willy! He is so misunderstood! Historians have called the Long Island Motor Parkway the road to nowhere. Now, new information about Willy K. Vanderbilt provides new insights into where the road might have been headed. 


Roslyn Landmark Society is proud to combine our efforts with the Bryant Library. We invite the public to our lecture on William K. Vanderbilt II. Our guest speaker is Steve Gittelman one of the most informed speakers on the Vanderbilts.

Steve Gittelman, Ph.D. is Vanderbilt's biographer and most recently has written a fourth book on the life of the photographer who travelled with him. Gittelman's other books are about William K.'s cousin Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt who died on the Lusitania and J.P. Morgan's most notable failure---the building of the S.S. Titanic. Gittelman's book on Morgan has been made into a docudrama, now appearing on Reelz.  For thirty years he has been a trustee of the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum, where he served as chairman for fifteen years.  Most recently, he chaired the successful re-accreditation effort of the museum.  Gittelman is an award winning speaker.  He is a resident of Huntington, where he lives with his wife Elaine.  

"Steve is not just a Historian, I would call him an investigative historian who reads between the lines and then connects the dots to bring forward a new vision of the motivations of Willie K. It promises to be a fascinating evening." Jay A. Corn, Secretary, Roslyn Landmark Society     


Dec 20 2019 Bill 11:45 PM

Where it was headed?  Many years ago I saw Willy’s own maps at Stony Brook I believe that showed his possible routes to the Hamptons.

Dec 21 2019 Bill 12:19 AM

Maybe at the Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport.

Dec 21 2019 Art Kleiner 2:19 PM

Port Jefferson?

Dec 22 2019 Tom Cotter 8:04 AM

Do you mean 2020?

Howard Kroplick
Tom, good catch. I just want the decade to go another month! Happy holidays!

Dec 28 2019 Bruce Adams 10:49 PM

Hoping the January 14 talk will be taped and available as I will be in Florida.  Thanks

Jan 08 2020 Bob 3:08 PM

Is Steve’s book on the photographer out yet? I am still looking for Ormond 1904 race pictures, .I asked the Vanderbilt museum to look but no reply yet, may be Steve has a stash, hope to make it to his presentation

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