Jan 31 2018

Tucker 1044 Conservation Report II: Highlights from the Memorable Open House

It was a wonderful  fun day at the Tucker 1044 Open House last Sunday at Ida Automotive in Morganville, New Jersey. Over 200 people enjoyed meeting John R Tucker Jr., Mike Tucker, Sean Tucker, Ty Tucker, Bob Ida and Rob Ida.

As you can see, great progress is being made on Tucker 1044. Check out the below Facebook links to 177 additional photos of the event.

Rob and Bob, thanks so much for hosting.


Howard Kroplick

Rob Ida discussing the restoration.

From left to right: Mike Tucker, John Tucker,Sean Tucker, Rob Ida, me and Bob Ida. John drove in from Michigan for the event. Courtesy of Jim Ryan.

Sean Tucker. Courtesy of Jim Ryan.

Two of my high school friends!

Mike Tucker checking out the Franklin engine.

Franklin Horizontally Opposed 6-Cylinder Engine

First time that I have seen the Franklin logo.

Cord Transmission: Four-speed manual with pre-selector remote-control shifting

Sean Tucker being filmed by Motor House Media for a future documentary on Tucker 1044.

Green Interior

John Tucker, Jr. brought original swatches of the green interior from Michigan. We will be able to match the correct green color!

Green Paint

More original green paint has been discovered.

Original green paint was found on one wheel. A sample of the green color to be placed on Tucker 1044 on the left will match the color and metallic flakes of the original.

Stamping IDs

Sean Tucker showing where the ID was stamped on the bumper.

Surprisingly, the bumper was meant to be placed on Tucker 1043.

 A correct 44 stamp on the chasis.

Tucker Torpedo Concept Car

Getting close to completion!

Facebook Posts on the Tucker 1044 Open House

Al Liebman: 100 photos

Rob Ida- 10 photos

Dave Allshouse- 18 photos

Paul Millinchuk- 8 photos

Preston Tucker LLC- 6 photos

Ken Oyler-23 posts

Kevin Fritz-12 photos


Feb 04 2018 Roger Price 7:03 AM

All I can say is “awesome!”  I wish I could have been there.  The photos are incredible.  This is truly an historic event.  Thanks for sharing the experience.

Feb 04 2018 Walt Gosden 8:13 AM

That Franklin logo was used by the Franklin car company that built cars in Syracuse, NY between 1902 and 1934. The two men of Air COoled Motors in Liverpool, NY who built the Franklin engine for Tucker met while working at Franklin Carl Doman and Ed Marks were both engineers, Ed Marks was the chief engineer. Both nice men , Carl Doman passed away soon after I met him but Ed Marks became my friend when I started to attend the Franklin Club annual meet in the late 1960s. I have correspondence with Ed Marks from that time, and each year the Franklin club had a former employees reunion that they bought all the former employees lunch at. I helped run that for many years and the questions were interesting from the audience that was there to hear the men reminisce .

Feb 06 2018 mark schaier 8:04 AM

Howard and Rob, the Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance is set for Aug. 26 dawn (for you) some 201 days left. Able to make it?? Howard your Chrysler took some 18 months and just about made it. Simpler restoration for the Tucker?

Jun 16 2018 R Troy 12:56 AM

I wasn’t able to be there, but several weeks ago I saw the Tucker exhibit at AACA.  Amazing cars!

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