Apr 23 2012

Highlights from the First 2012 “Clean Up Day” of the Old Bethpage Motor Parkway Bridge

Twenty members of the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society had a blast last Saturday cleaning up the Old Bethpage Motor Parkway Bridge.


Howard Kroplick

Removing debris on the embankment and surrounding the bridge was the primary objective of the day. Hauling away debris in John's Ford truck. Work continued above and below the bridge. Greg and my favorite co-author Al give a wave. Greg and Dee on the bridge. Audrey and Guy find a mascot..."Willie K. Snake" Removing a downed tree.. Audrey finds a treasure. A big thumbs up! Motor Parkway pavement! The "Clean Up" team after another great day!

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May 07 2012 Tom 7:24 PM

Nice job!  Now if only the graffitti would vanish, (and never come back)!

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