Aug 21 2013

Highlights from the 2013 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Part II

Part II of highlights from the Superbowl of car shows- the 2013 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.


Howard Kroplick

1929 Duesenberg

1933 Duesenberg

1950 Lincoln

President Dwight Eisenhower's Bubbletop Limo.

1955 Lincoln

1955 Lincoln Indianapolis

Celebrity Sightings

Jay Leno

Wayne Carini

Jay Leno, Sir Jackie Stewart and Edward Hermann

New York Times "A Well-Traveled Concours Winner"


Aug 22 2013 Ted 5:16 PM

So I was right. Jay Leno.  Nice 1950 Lincoln,darn close to what your Chrysler is going to be when it’s finished,it just might have more up to date things in it and options,that’s about all.

Aug 25 2013 Steve McKelvie 7:08 AM

Thanks for the excellent shots of Pebble Beach!  What a place to see cars and people.  Maybe I’ll get there someday.  That looks like Sir Jackie Stewart on the stage beside Jay Leno.

Aug 25 2013 Bruce Adams 10:58 AM

Good seeing you and Roz at the Pebble Beach Tour on Thursday.
Tough to find anyone on Sunday though.
Definite BUCKET LIST event !

Aug 25 2013 Walt Gosden 5:37 PM

the 1955 Lincoln Boano coupe (orange car) was restored a decade ago by Jim Cox when he had his Sussex Motor and Coachworks restoration shop open in Mattamoras , Pa.  Jim was married to Bev Kimes. The car when it was under restoration was owned by Tom Kerr of Pa. a Packard collector. Both Tom and Jim are long time friends. A new windshield had to be made for that car and it was an amazing task. I visited the shop many times when the Lincoln was under restoration as I had my 1937 Packard Super 8 limousine there for mechanical restoration.

Aug 25 2013 H. Robert Greenbaum 6:53 PM

What was your score at pebble, Hesh?

Aug 25 2013 John Muckel 9:53 PM

Thanks for posting my 1929 Duesenberg on your site.

Aug 25 2013 Howard Kroplick 10:08 PM

Hi John, beautiful car!! Congrats!

Aug 25 2013 Howard Kroplick 10:10 PM

Hi H, I was just a spectator this year.

Aug 26 2013 Mike Cain 9:55 AM

Great photos Howard! I was at the Henry Ford Museum last month and got to see the 1950 Lincoln limo. I’ve attended Amelia Island and Greenwich but Pebble Beach is on my bucket list. If your Chrysler gets accepted next year then that will be the year to go!

Aug 26 2013 Chris Osborne 11:50 AM

Ed Hermann, love that guy!  Always nice to chat with him at Limerock at my art exhibit.  He gave an eloquent eulogy at the memorial service in CT for great race car driver and inventor John Fitch last November.  Thanks for the great photos Howard!

Aug 26 2013 Walt Gosden 3:11 PM

John Muckel’s Duesenberg Murphy bodied roadster is exactly the way the car would have looked when new. Not “over restored” with extra lamps (spotlights, trippe or Pilot ray lights) and the color is very authentic and period for the car. Even the tires chosen suit it well. Great to see an owner use restraint when it is very easy and tempting to “tart it up”  . This car has a real aura about it for the era it was made. Absolutely magnificent.

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