Jul 14 2015

Hemmings Classic Car Cover: Streamline Moderne-Walter P. Chrysler’s 1937 Custom Imperial town car

The September 2015 issue of Hemmings Classic Car features Chrysler's Chrysler on its cover.

The issue devotes two articles and ten pages to this historic automobile:

  • Chrysler's Chrysler: Uncovering and restoring the 1937 Imperial C-15 limousine that was custom crafted by LeBaron for Mrs. Chrysler

           By Jim Donnelly (Senior Editor) -Photography by Richard Lentinello (Editor)

  • Streamline Moderne: The design and construction of Walter P. Chrysler's 1937 Custom Imperial Town Car

           By Walt Gosden-Photographs Courtesy of The Walt Gosden Collection

Highlights of the second article are below.


Howard Kroplick


Jul 22 2015 Artie Finnegan 4:29 PM

Howard:  Great article on your Chrysler in Classic Car Magazine.  I was glad to see at the end you gave credit to the Greater New York Region’s show.  As a member of the committee it was nice to see our show in class with the other great shows in the United States.  Congratulations you did a fantastic job on the restoration, and I am sure you are proud to be a member of the Greater New York Region AACA.  Artie Finnegan.  Also Walter did a great article on the Chrysler also.

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