Jan 13 2018

Updated: Hemmings Classic Car Cover Article: Tucker On the Road in the Ultimate Driveable Dream

Tucker 1044 is featured on the cover of the March 2018 issue of Hemmings Classic Car. Within the issue, executive editor Richard Lentinello describes his "most historically significant" riding experience and David Conwill provides a wonderful six-page article supplemented with Richard's amazing images.


Howard Kroplick

September 29, 2017 Photo Shoot in Roslyn, New York

Richard Lentinello documenting Tucker 1044.

Richard Lentinello Column: The Tucker Experience

Richard Lentinello: "Over the years, I have been fortunate to have photographed litterally a thousand or so cars...each was a memorable experience. But, the most historically significant car of them all was this issue's main feature, the Tucker."

Richard  Lentinello: "And he drove his Tucker with verve. Accelerating forcibly, making turns quickly, and standing on the brakes: it was quite evident that Howard was immensivley proud of owning a Tucker, and clearly enjoyed driving it. As one would expect, I was completely smitten by the whole experience."

Richard  Lentinello: "In August, the Pebble Beach Concours will be featuring a special class just for Tuckers...As one would expect of Pebble Beach, a display of several different Tuckers is surely going to be a spectacular sight. And there's a good chance that Tucker number 44 will be there, as well."

Drive Report: American Ingenuity: Independent built Tucker for 1948, Showcased dreams of postwar America

By David Conwill and Photography by Richard Lentinello

"Car 1044 is both as typical a car as Tucker ever produced and special due to its order of production. As one of the final eight Tucker 48s assembled, it was hand built in the closed factory by loyal Tucker employees including designer Alex Tremulis- imagine if Harley Earl had come in after hours to assemble a few Corvettes. It is also typical due to its pre-production use of parts from other vehicles, things like the Lincoln steeering wheel, the Kaiser door buttons, and the Cord transmission."

"Howard did his homework beforehand, including contacting marque experts across the country. One person that was recommended to him was Rob Ida, of Rob Ida Concepts in Morganville, New Jersey. Ida's grandfather had one of the Tucker dealership franchises back in the 1940s, and he has a real enthusiasm for the Tucker 48. On calling Ida's shop, Howard spoke to Rob's father, Bob, who suggested that he got hold of Sean Tucker- great-grandson of Preston. Sean and his brother Mike are passionate about the family's heritage.

Speaking with Sean confirmed to Howard that No. 1044 was a worthwhile car. With low mileage and years of storage, it was close to an untouched original as anyone was likely to find, 70 years after the fact."

"As you can imagine, a Tucker on today's roads is just as show-stopping, if not more so, than it was in the late 1940s. "It's a real adrenaline rush," Howard says."

"So, is driving a Tucker like entering the future? It's like entering the future as seen from the perspective of the 1940s, and that's really special."

"It was way ahead of its time for 1948."


Jan 14 2018 Howard Kroplick 9:55 AM

Scott S:
I saw on line. That’s amazing.  It’s funny to actually look at any msg and think I’ve seen that car.  So happy for you. Well deserved.

Jan 14 2018 Howard Kroplick 11:41 AM

Walt G:
Looks good. Great to see.
Under the reason to own it should just say ” because it is just a really cool machine”
Nuff said!

Jan 14 2018 Howard Kroplick 12:20 PM

Lee C:
Inquiring minds want to know - what accounts for the buttons on your Tucker radio being black in one photo and red in another? Thanks!
Howard Kroplick
Lee, the Tucker name on the radio buttons are red on Tucker 1044.

Jan 14 2018 Fred & Marie Miceli 12:54 PM

    The other day I received my Hemming Classic Car Mag. As soon as I saw the cover, I know it was your Tucker. Richard shot nice photos of the car & I enjoyed reading the 6 page article.\
    Good luck with the car’s restoration.

Jan 14 2018 Roger Price 5:49 PM

Howard, nice going.  I have had the privilege of seeing your Tucker up close and it is indeed impressive.  The fact that you own it is well deserved.
I just received my copy of Hemmings Classic Car and can’t wait to read the article about you and your Tucker.
Looking forward to seeing the car after its restoration.  I’m sure it’ll be a knockout.
All the best,

Jan 14 2018 mark schaier 9:17 PM

Howard, got my copy of Classis Car also, was change to coil springs?, didn’t know. In this issue an article about the 1942 Desoto Deluxe sedan that was at the Hershey meet. the same time as your Chrysler was there, next row over. The Desoto part of the Nicola Bulgari collections. Curator Keith Flickinger? was by the car, had a chat with him, gave him the Chrysler flyer that you had, told him about your website, to check it out, hope he did?

Jan 14 2018 Howard Kroplick 11:58 PM

Jeanett R:
What a cool treasure to find! I love reading updates on this car. My Classic Car mag came yesterday & I couldn’t wait to read article staring at every little detail in the pictures. What a beautiful work of art!

Jan 14 2018 Howard Kroplick 11:59 PM

Brian Flory:


Jan 15 2018 Howard Kroplick 12:02 AM

Ron M:

Its really big news for car enthusiast to see the restoration of a original unmolested Tucker to see how it was put together, interest is warming up.

Jan 15 2018 Mike Cain 9:16 AM

I’m a subscriber of Classic Car and wasn’t at all surprised your historic car is on the cover. I didn’t know about the unique suspension either. Just curious Howard, how long did it take to put this feature with the great article and pictures together? More than one day?

Howard Kroplick

Mike, it was a two-hour photo shoot of the Tucker 1044 and the 1963 Mustang III Concept Show Car. Lots of fun! with Richard Lentinello- a great guy!

Jan 15 2018 John Tucker 9:49 AM

1044 was truly a joy to drive, even for short jaunt around the AACA Museum last fall and the chance to spend time with you and the car. Thank you and I will see you in a couple of weeks.

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